Indoor Childrens Play Tent

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indoor fort

My grand kids love these. I have found that these are the best gifts I can buy them.

They love them because they can pull them out and set them up all by themselves. They can take them outside or they can play indoors.

My kids like them because they fold up so small and go under the bed or up in the closet with no problems.

They grand kids play hard in them, but they don’t seem to be able to destroy them….yet. Did I mention that I have only grandsons? So you can imagine how destructive they can be. They are just being boys and I love them all dearly.

Of course, in a pinch we can make our own indoor fort with sheets and blankets and such. I still prefer this way, but it is a pain to create and then to put everything away.

Which is your favorite? The do it your self tent? Or the store bought, easy up and easy down tent?

Either way, I am still an awesome grandma in my grandsons eyes.

Playhut Indoor Playhouses
These look very much like what I have bought the boys. I love that there are so many different kinds to choose from. You can buy several and then the kids can join them all together and make terrific tunnels all over your house.

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Check out the videos I have been watching Let me know what you think.

Watch this brave grandmother help her grand sons build a fort in her living room. It really doesn’t take much to make them happy. Sounds like she let them plan it out and actually do all the work themselves with just a little help. That is how Axel will be too. He is a big boy now, he needs no help.

These kids are a little older than Axel, but they had an awesome time building a 2 story fort. It doesn’t look great on the outside, but the inside was great!. I don’t think I have enough room for this, but maybe someday. I better not show this one to Axel.

These young girls did a good job of using what they had. I think they may have raided the garage and dads tool bench. Great job girls! My grandson would love this, if only I had this much room.

This dad helped his boys figure out what was important and what not to do; like climb on the roof. I think I can do a couch fort, we have enough room for this. I might let Axel watch this video with me to get some ideas.

Here are the two products the dad talked about to build forts with. Amazon did not have the tarp he introduced us to. I am going to keep looking for that. This would work well in our home. Axel could build it and then I could help him cover it with a sheet. The crazy fort pieces fit together so you can drape a sheet over it and the lights are made to on the crazy fort for the kids have some light, but it still feels like a tent or a cave inside. I just love this idea. I may get some for Axels next visit.

Crazy Forts!Check This Out!Crazy Forts Toy Fort LightsCheck This Out!

There are other options for people with small apartments and with very little room. Pre-made forts may be the answer. These forts look like they would be a lot easier to put up, but maybe that is half the fun. My worry is that Axel will out grow them quickly. What do you think?

Train Station TentCheck This Out!Safari Tent and TunnelCheck This Out!Circus Play TentCheck This Out!Yo Gabba Gabba Brobee Tent with DVDCheck This Out!

Maybe a kids tent is a much better idea. I don’t think he will outgrow this too soon. These cool tents seem to a little less expensive to. That is always good for Grandma B.

Super Duper 4 Kids TentCheck This Out!Melissa & Doug Tootle Turtle TentCheck This Out!Space Module TentCheck This Out!Camo PlaytentCheck This Out!

Axel does not have his own bed here, he sleeps on the couch. But if he did, I think I would get him one of these bed forts. We have 4 grandsons and they would all like one of these on their beds. They fit on a twin size bed and they have lights already built in for them. They sound like they would be easy to care for, it says to just wipe them down.

Disney’s Cars Indoor Bed TentCheck This Out!NASCAR Jimmie Johnson Bed TentCheck This Out!SpongeBob Bed TentCheck This Out!Spiderman Bed TentCheck This Out!Ariel Bed TentCheck This Out!Minie Mouse Bed TentCheck This Out!

Dream of far away lands with these great tents. What little girl or boy wouldn’t find hours of play with these. They can be used inside or out, but don’t leave it out too long.

Haba Room Tent MarrakeshCheck This OutHaba Play Tent Caro-LiniCheck This OutCelestial Starry Night HideawayCheck This OutHaba Blossom Sky Room TentCheck This OutSecret Garden HideawayCheck This OutField of Daisies HideawayCheck This Out


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So that is what we will be doing this weekend. What about you? Are you doing anything as fun as building kids forts indoors?


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  1. What an awesome write up about your grandson’s visit. Straight from the heart and the video’s were delightful. I think some of those tent beds are really great. Axel would love it.

  2. I am sure your grandchild would love his trip and see the fort ideas you got. Nothing brings more joy to a child than spontaneous creative play

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