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Animal Shaped Small Desk Fans

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I have had a lot of jobs where I sat behind a huge, ugly desk. I don’t know why, but my offices were always hot.

Adding an ugly fan didn’t help the look of my office. I seriously wish I had seen these when I had that desk job.

I am completely in love with these Animal Shaped Small Desk Fans! Yes, that is a working fan. Isn’t it adorable?

An office desk can be a really ugly thing. Why would you want to waste space on your desk for another ugly thing? You wouldn’t.

But one of these great little fans will keep you cool and make you smile.

Don’t be surprised if everyone that passes your office asks – “Where did you get that fan?”

Each fan varies in size from 5 to 20 inches tall. These aren’t small just because they are desk fans.

Amazing Animal Shaped Desk Fans

 Gecko FanGet Details Deco Breeze DBF0268 Small Peacock FanGet Details Large Cat FanGet Details Small Cat FanGet Details

 Dog Desk FanGet Details Snow Owl Desk FanGet Details

 New World Bird FanGet Details Whimsical Rooster FanGet Details Stallion Horse Desk FanGet Details Tropical Angel Fish FanGet Details

 Mister Crocodile Desk FanGet Details Pelican Desk FanGet Details Squirrel Desk FanGet Details Frog Desk FanGet Details

Not Animals, But Still Cute Desk Fans

 Flower Vase Desk FanGet Details Calla Lilies Desk FanGet Details Pineapple Desk FanGet Details Tropical Flower FanGet Details

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