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Best Balance Ball Chair

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Best Balance Ball Chair

The Best Balance Ball Chair for you is the one that fits you well. It will help perfect your posture and build and keep your core strong.

You have no idea how comfortable sitting on a balance ball can be till you try it.

It allows you to move around and sit in different ways that will relieve some of your aching muscles that get soar from sitting in the same position day after day.

These really aren’t expensive, so try one just to test it out. If nothing else, give it to the kids to play with after that.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

I think this is my personal favorite balance chair because it comes with a back support and caster wheels. When these first came out, they had neither of those. There are times you will want to lean back for some support and if you work in an office, you know you are always leaning or shifting to grab something, so the caster wheels will come in handy. Just don’t let them slip out from under you.

Gaiam Check This Out!Gaiam Check This Out!Gaiam Check This Out!Gaiam Check This Out!

A few more with backs, just to give you some choices.

Adjustable Back Check This Out!Low-BackCheck This Out!FitBALL Check This Out!

Check out this video of a company that decided that balance ball chairs were better for them. They have a little fun with them too.

These are actually fitness balls, but they can be used as chairs. No arms, no rollers, nothing to balance you but your muscles. These are inexpensive and a good place to start if you are interested in a balance ball chair for work or home.

Champion Sports Fitpro Ball With LegsCheck This Out!Bally Total Fitness BallCheck This Out!

If you do buy the cheaper exercise balls and like it, you might try adding a stand for it. Take a look at these.

Champion Sports Ball BaseCheck This Out!FitBALL StandCheck This Out!Isokinetics Exercise Ball BaseCheck This Out!

Turn that office chair into an exercise workout with these great videos. Might as well have something doing double duty in your office or home.

Guide to Stability Ball TrainingCheck This Out!Balance Ball For Weight LossCheck This Out!

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  1. They use these at my doctor’s office, just the plain ball one. I think I might like one that is actually like a chair.

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