Beach Shade Tents and Umbrellas For Shady Beach Fun

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I am a redhead, so I burn in the sun….like crispy. But I love the beach. I think these beach shade tents and umbrellas are ingenious!

When I would take my kids to the beach, also redheads, I let them stay in the sun for a little bit of time, but then they really needed to get out of the sun, even though I had them slathered with sun block, I would end up taking them home to get them out of the sun. Sunburns are no fun for the kids or for the mommy. I wish these had been invented back then.

Fast forward 20 years and now I have 4 grandsons and 2 of them are fair skinned. I will be getting one of these for their mothers. I think it would be nice to have the option of a nice beach shade tent.

Can you think of any other places that a beach umbrella would be useful? Little league baseball practice?
Here are some great shade tents and umbrellas that I found that I will buy for my kids.

Beach Shade Tents and Umbrellas For Shady Beach Fun

Shade Shack Instant Pop Up Family Beach Tent and Sun Shelter
When looking for beach shade tent and umbrellas, this is a perfect choice. It is collapsible to a size that is easy for anyone to carry, it is big enough for the entire family, it can be opened on both sides for better air movement or closed on one side for good shade.

Shade Shack Tent and Sun ShelterCheck PriceCan be closed on one side.Check PriceOpen on both sides.Check PriceHold it down with sand.Check PriceHolds the whole family.Check PriceEasy tote.Check Price

Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun Shelter
This would be so perfect for the beach, backyard, or any other place you need get some shade from the sun. The poles are built in to the tent, so it is quick and easy to set up. Lightweight and compact, it’s easy to take anywhere! Perfect beach shade tent and umbrellas for your family.

Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun ShelterCheck PriceRoom for two.Check Price

Sport-Brella Umbrella
It’s an umbrella, but a whole lot more. A huge umbrella with wind vents and side zippered windows for great air flow. It comes with 2 tie-down cords and 8 ground stakes for extra stability. Check this out.

Sport-Brella UmbrellaCheck PriceUse it as a canopy.Check PriceSafe shade for the sun.Check PriceKeep the gang cool.Check Price

Summer Beach Cabana / Tent – Quick Setup and Floorless
I love the screen. If you have been to the beach, you know there are bugs. This will help keep them down some. The fact that it zips up, but that it is floorless is kind of nice. When I feel that is time for the kids to get out of the sun, it doesn’t mean they are ready to. With this shade tent they can still play in the sand and I can feel better about them and the sun.

Summer Beach Cabana / TentCheck PriceAll zipped up.Check PriceSand holds it down.Check PriceFiberglass frameCheck Price

Kid Sized Beach Shade Cabana
These are made just for the kids. Perfect for a baby to sleep safely in while at the beach or the kids to just get out of the sun, but still be able to play.

ABO Gear Bambino Cabana TentCheck PriceBaby BanZ Sun Protective Beach TentCheck PriceSchylling Infant UV Play ShadeCheck PricePacific Play Tents Lil Nursery TentCheck Price

Big Beach Umbrellas
You might choose to just use a big umbrella. For years this is all we had to protect us at the beach. It works well, but the new models are so much better, especially if you have kids. Check out some great beach umbrella choices.

Rainbow 8′ Beach Umbrella with Carry BagCheck PriceRio Brands Deluxe Sunshade UmbrellaCheck PriceRio Brands “Sandblaster 6.5′ UmbrellaCheck PriceRio Brands Deluxe Sunshade UmbrellaCheck Price

Did you find the perfect beach shade tent or umbrella for your family? I do hope so. As much as kids love the beach, it is hard to avoid. If you are looking for other great activity ideas for kids, check this site out. Perfect Gifts for

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