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Best Gifts for Ice Cream Lovers 2016

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Best Gifts for Ice Cream Lovers

I am an unofficial Ice Cream Lover, so I know the Best Gifts for Ice Cream Lovers.

It’s something I usually do at the end of my long days. My husband and I really enjoy this together. It’s a time for us to catch up on each others day and enjoy a nice bowl of ice cream together.

I like most flavors, but I don’t get crazy. Like Pistachio and Vinegar Potato Chips will never touch my lips.

Just give me a nice vanilla with some chocolate sauce or caramel. Yummmmmy!

My favorite ice cream has been for many years Haagen-dazs Coffee. Even before I was a serious coffee drinker I loved that flavor. It is the creamiest and most flavorful ice cream I have ever eaten. I know it has to be a sin to eat it.

When I was a kid my grandmother would make ice cream in a crank handle ice cream maker. Although it was fun for the kids, it was a lot of work for the adults. The kids all got their turn at the hand crank when the cream was still liquid and easy to churn. Once it got frozen and hard, it was all the adults could do to crank that handle.

Today there are much easier ways to make ice cream.

White Mountain Hand-Crank Ice Cream Freezer

White Mountain Hand-Crank Ice Cream Freezer

This White Mountain Hand-Crank Ice Cream Freezer is much like the one I grew up with.

It was wooden on the outside and stainless steel freezer that all the yummy stuff went into and then was churned with paddles to make ice cream.

See why this is a perfect gift for ice cream lovers? They can make it any time they want or for company. This freezer makes 4 quarts. That is a gallon of ice cream. More than enough to share.

My grandmother would put this in a bucket and then put towels around it to keep it insulated. Maybe that made the cream freeze faster. I am not sure. They would put it on the picnic table outside and we would all gather around waiting our turn to crank. Good memories!

The freezer can and the paddles are dishwasher safe. Just wipe off the wooden outside part with a wet rag.

Cuisinart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker

Things have gotten a lot fancier these days and faster.

Like this great Cuisinart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker. It can do so much more than make ice cream. But we all know that ice cream is it’s most important job.

No hand cranking outside on the picnic table in the heat.

Just set this on your kitchen counter, pour all the yumminess in and turn it on.

Within 20 minutes or so you will have a frozen treat.

Waring PDM112 Drink Mixer

Waring PDM112 Drink Mixer, Retro Green

I have always wanted a milkshake machine. I love malts! So this would be perfect for me.

Any other ice cream lovers out there ever coveted one of these?

I like this one, not because of the retro green color, but because it has a heavy duty commercial 2-speed motor. Some of the others I looked at that were cheaper had a 70 watt motor, which sounds good. But this one has a 550 watt motor.

It will be able to whip me up for fabulous chocolate malts. The cup is a 28 ounce, more than enough for me and hubby to share, maybe. It cleans up with soap and water, so it will be easy to keep it shining. They do have other colors too; red, black and white.

Can’t you just see what a perfect gift idea this is for ice cream lovers?

Lunares Pint Ice Cream Holder

Lunares Pint Ice Cream Holder

I know I don’t need this pint ice cream holder….but I want one.

I do eat my ice cream right out of the pint, and my hands do great really cold. I usually hold it with a kitchen towel. But this seems so much more elegant.

Isn’t buying gifts for someone all about giving them something they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves?

So this really is the best gift for ice cream lovers. We would never buy this for ourselves.

It does come in several different colors, just in case you were wondering. I would like it in teal or red please.

Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book

Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book

Yummy! If you have an ice cream maker, then you need Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book.

Can you image all the fun you and your friends will have trying out their recipes. Even if you only get close to what theirs tastes like, the ice cream will be wonderful.

Here are Ben and Jerry’s 2 rules from the back cover –

RULE #1 – You don’t have to be a pro to make incredibly delicious ice cream.

RULE #2 – There’s no such thing as an unredeemingly bad batch of homemade ice cream.

Retro Ice Cream Wooden Sign

Retro Ice Cream Wooden Sign

I love retro kitchen signs and this one is perfect for my kitchen and a lot of others.

You can show off your ice cream lover attitude with a very subtle sign in your kitchen.

It is a handmade item from Etsy, so you know that these have not been mass produced and all your friends will not have the same sign in their kitchen.

It\’s made for old pallets from a boat yard in Spain. The chain comes pre-rusty to give you that vintage feel right away.

The size is size 51cm x 27cm. (Don”t ask me what that would be in inches…I have no idea.)

Hand Stamped Ice Cream Spoons

Hand Stamped Spoons

I would love these ice cream spoons. It is something different than I can find at a local store.

They are hand stamped, so they could probably stamp anything you wanted on there….like “keep your hands off my ice cream”, or something like that.

These are made out of vintage silver plate found at antique shops and estate sales. There should be no plate loss or pitting on any of the pieces.

They have been hand polished to a nice shine. Hopefully they will stay that shiny. I hate polishing silver.

Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock Ice Cream Pint

Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock Ice Cream Pint

I really do need this to keep my husband from eating my ice cream.

Sometimes when we buy ice cream we will each get a pint of our favorite flavors. If he eats his before I finish mine, next thing I know, mine is gone too.

But this will keep him out, unless he breaks it.

This is a simple 3 digit combination password to get into your favorite pint.

The kids can’t get my ice cream, the husband can’t get my ice cream.

This is the best gift ever!!!

Libbey 6-Piece Fountain Shoppe Bowls

Libbey 6-Piece Fountain Shoppe Bowls

A pretty bowl seems to make the ice cream better.

Since I am an ice cream lover, I prefer mine in a vintage bowl that reminds me of the old Soda Shops that always served ice cream in a glass bowl.

This is a set of 6 tulip sundae glasses and each hold 6.5 ounces. They are 5 inches tall and about 3.5 inches across. Just think of the yumminess you can get in that glass!

They are completely dishwasher safe.

All this talk of ice cream, now I want some. I hope some of these Best Gifts for Ice Cream Lovers will help you find the perfect gift for your loved on.

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