Best Gifts for Knitters and Gift Ideas for Crocheters

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Best Gifts for Yarn Lovers

Do you have a Knitter on your gift list? What about a Crocheter? Here is a little help! Best Gifts for Knitters and Gift Ideas for Crocheters!

I am a closet Yarn Lover, so coming up with the Best Gifts for Knitters and Gift Ideas for Crocheters list was easy.

Not many people know I crochet, much less that I hoard yarn. Like I said, I am a Yarn Lover

I have lots and lots of yarn ready to be made into something beautiful….someday.

I have yarn skeins that I bought on sale or someone gave me. But they are the “usual” kinds of yarn, the kind you make into afghans or scarves with. There is nothing wrong with those at all.

But I would really love to work with some high dollar yarns. Maybe play with some pretty Alpaca yarn, Angora yarn, Cashmere Wool, or a Silk blend.

To make a scarf you would probably use one or two skeins of yarn. But if you want to make an afghan it takes 10 skeins or more, depending on the pattern you choose. So those high dollars yarns can get expensive fast.

Best Gift Ideas for the Knitter or Yarn LoversMy grandmother taught me to be a yarn lover when she showed me how to crochet, knit and embroider when I was about 10 years old.

I did pretty good with the crocheting and embroidering, but not so good with the knitting. I was sloppy and you can’t be sloppy when knitting. If you are a knitter, you know what I mean.

Over the years I have mastered crocheting and have learned that there are fun accessories that will make the process of crocheting even more fun. Most of these accessories can be for the knitter or crocheter.

One day my 3 year old grandson came to stay the day. While he play cars and trucks, I sat watching him while crocheting. Soon he snuggled up next to me to see what I was doing. Then he wanted to try. I gave him a sample piece I had worked on and let him choose his needle, of course, he chose 2 needles. Here is a short video of his first try at crocheting.

Listed here are a few of the gift ideas for the knitter or yarn lovers in your family. I hope my husband reads this blog post. Hint hint.

Best Gifts for Knitters and Gift Ideas for Crocheters

Knitters or Yarn Lovers Cutter Pendant

Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant, Antique Silver

I am completely in love with the Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant.

It’s both practical and pretty!

I am always losing my scissors, so this is perfect for me.

I can either wear it as a pendant necklace or put it on top of a spool of thread to hold it.

There are several different designs to choose from and they sell some in multiple packs. So if you have several yarn lovers on your list, this is perfect.

This is a great idea whether you love crocheting, knitting, embroidering or even sewing.

There is a rotary cutting blade inside the pendant, so all you have to do is run the yarn along side the blade and it cuts the yarn.

I love the fact that I can’t cut myself and my grand kids can’t come along and find my scissors and cut something they shouldn’t be cutting.

This is a great gift for any yarn lover.

The “Elite” Crochet Hook Organizer Workstation

The “Elite” Crochet Hook Organizer Workstation

The Elite Crochet Hook Organizer Workstation is a crochet lovers dream. This really is the best gifts for crocheters. They try to be organized, but it is so hard with all the needles and such.

I get tired of searching for my hooks and my scissors and things.

This keeps them all in one place and they will be there when I am ready to use them.

It is handmade out of Red Oak Hardwood and oil-rubbed finish to enhance the wood grain. It is made in a little wood shop in Midlothian, Virginia.

The maker of this beautiful piece will also send you the free Chetnanigans accessory package — including 5.25″ scissors, a 60″ retractable measuring tape, a seam ripper, a 7 cm stainless steel yarn needle, and 10 stitch markers!

We all can use new ones of those. I use those a lot when I crochet.

This would make an awesome gift for any yarn lover. To see more of these, click here.   I made a whole blog post just on these. I am in love with these Wood Crochet Hook Holders.


Maple Knitting Needle Caddy

Maple Knitting Needle CaddyMaple Knitting Needle Caddy

We haven’t left the knitters out when it comes to organization.

This Maple Knitting Needle Caddy is the perfect gift idea for knitters.

This Knitting Caddy is made out of hand selected Exhibition Grade Birdseye Maple and is designed to hold knitting needles, pencils, scissors and other things like that.

It has (4) 1/2″ dia. holes, and (20) 1 1/8″ x 1/2″ elliptical holes.

It also features a shallow dish in the center of the caddy to hold small items such as stitch markers or tape measures.

This caddy features rubber feet on the base, which protects the surface it stands on and prevents it from sliding around while in use.

Approx size: 5″ tall x 6.5″ wide x 9″ long.

None of these Caddy’s are stained. They come with a clear Lacquer finish and just need the occasional dusting for upkeep.

Do you have a knitter on your gift list that would love this? Me too!



Hand-turned Cocobolo Crochet Hook

Hand-turned Cocobolo Crochet Hook

This is a great gift idea for crochets because we don’t usually indulge in hooks like we do in yarn.

These crochet hooks are so beautiful and so delicate, any crocheter would love to have them.

Each hand-turned Cocobolo Crochet Hook is beautiful and comfortable to use.

These are handmade in Emporia, Kansas out of Cocobolo wood that grows in Mexico and Central America.

These hooks aren’t as long as a traditional crochet hooks. They are only 5.5 inches long. They are created to fit in your hand comfortably.

I get hand cramps from holding my needle and I think this might help. It will allow my hand to relax a bit more while I am creating each stitch.

They will make a personal inscription on each hook for an additional $5. This would make the best gift for any yarn lover.

Because these are handmade, allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Knitting or Crocheting Stitch Markers from Etsy

Knitting and Crocheting both need stitch markers to keep track of places on your project. Either where you began or left off or special areas to skip. It is extremely difficult to find your place without stitch markers and just happens to have some adorable ones that are a perfect gift idea. These are also inexpensive. There are way too many to choose from to put them all here. Just hop on over to to check them out.

Sheep Stitch MindersSheep Stitch MindersTypewriter Stitch MarkersTypewriter Stitch MarkersBeaded Stitch MarkersBeaded Stitch MarkersCustom Stitch MarkerCustom Stitch Marker


Knitting and Crochet Needles with a Light

Best Gifts for the Knitter or Yarn LoversAs I have said, I crochet and not knit. But there are times I am in a dark room and crocheting and I need to count my stitches.

These light up hooks are perfect for that. It says the whole hook or needle lights up.

Can you imagine how handy that would be???

Crochet Hooks Set of 3 Sizes C D and ECrochet Hooks Set of 3 Sizes I J and K9.0mm 9″ Knitting Needles10.5mm 9″ Knitting Needles

Crochet Afghan Kits

I recently bought the Water Lilies Reflection kit, which I never do. But I saw this and fell in love with the look. I am learning a new stitch to make this afghan, but that’s OK, I love learning new stitches. It will be a challenge. I have already had to call the company once to ask a question about the pattern. They have a great customer service department that knows all the patterns and was able to help me understand what I was doing wrong. I am having fun with it.

If you have someone that is a yarn lover that may enjoy a afghan kit, look here for one you think she will love. The kits come with all the yarn and instructions. Everything you need to complete the project.

Herrschners Water Lily Reflections Crochet Afghan KitHerrschners Northern Lights Afghan Crochet Afghan KitHerrschners Zany Square Afghan Crochet Afghan KitHerrschners May: Tiger Lily Ripple Afghan Crochet Afghan Kit

Handmade Yarn Bowl with Lots of Personality

Handmade Yarn Bowl

These Yarn Bowls made me laugh out loud.

What great faces they have and how handy they would be to have around when you are crocheting.

Each Yarn Bowl is made to order, so don’t expect it in the mail next week. She hand crafts each one of these out of her studio in Hubbell, NE (population…52).

You can tell her exactly what you want or she can come up with a design just for you.

The thread can come out of the mouth or the nose, it is just a fun way of holding your yarn for you so it doesn’t get tangled or roll across the floor and the cat get it.

I love this idea too. What a great idea for a yarn lovers gift.

For more of these cuties, check out my blog on Yarn Holders for Crocheting.

Crochet and Knitting Jewelry Make the Perfect Gift for Yarn Lovers

Crochet Me Something NecklaceKnit Me Something NecklaceBall of Yarn Initial NecklaceKnitting Initial NecklaceCrohet Bracelet or NecklaceI Love to Crochet Charm NecklaceCrochet Me Something RingKnitting Ball of Yarn Bangle Bracelet

Circle With A Twist Shawl Pin

Circle With A Twist Shawl Pin

I have always wanted a Shawl Pin but have never bought one for myself.

I wear my handmade shawls all winter long and it does irritate me that I am always fighting to keep them closed when I am doing anything besides sitting down.

Shawl Pins are the perfect solution for my problem.

There are so many to choose from, I just happened to really like this one.

It is handmade, so you know it will be a nice quality and look nice.

It ships from Philomath, Oregon and they don’t say anything about a time line. So maybe they have some on hand ready to ship out to your Yarn Lover for the perfect gift.

Yarn Lovers Puzzles for Rest and Relaxation

I love my yarn, but in the summer it is just too hot to play with it. But I find that a nice Yarn Puzzle isn’t too hot. I have several that are so much fun because they have yarn in them and it excites me for winter to come so I can get started on some projects that I have hidden away in the closet. Do you have a knitter or yarn lover that would be excited to work a summer yarn puzzle? Then this might be the perfect gift idea for them.

Springbok Knit Fit Jigsaw Puzzle (1000-Piece)Springbok Knit Fit Jigsaw Puzzle (1000-Piece)Springbok Puzzles Case of Colors Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Piece)Springbok Puzzles Case of Colors Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Piece)Fur BallFur BallPlenty of Yarn (Small Box)Plenty of Yarn (Small Box)


iPad Mini Cover for Crochet Lovers

I have an iPad mini that I use to look for new and exciting new patterns. Many of them are downloaded on my iPad. I fell in love with the Crochet Granny Square iPad Mini Case shown here. I find the vintage Granny Square blankets so pretty. As a kid, when my grandmother was making them, I thought they were ugly and old fashioned. I have changed my mind over time.

I love Crocheting iPad Mini CasesI love Crocheting iPad Mini CasesCrochet Bouquet Flowers iPad MiniCrochet Bouquet Flowers iPad MiniCrocheting Hearts iPad Mini CasesCrocheting Hearts iPad Mini Cases


iPad Mini Cover for Knitting Lovers

Knitting isn’t my thing, but I found some adorable choices in iPad mini covers. Look for the one you can personalize with your loved ones name or initials.

Wool knitting love iPad mini coversWool knitting love iPad mini coversKnit One Doodle Art iPad Mini CoverKnit One Doodle Art iPad Mini CoverNeedles & Yarn iPad Mini CaseNeedles & Yarn iPad Mini Case


Crochet Mystery Books by Betty Hechtman

A Stitch in Crime (A Crochet Mystery)

Some times a yarn lover needs to do something else.

Why not read a book about Crochet Mysteries? This sounds like such a fun book.

Check out the rest in the Crochet Mystery Series by Betty Hechtman.

She also has a Yarn Retreat Series your yarn lover might enjoy.

There is nothing better on a cold night than curling up with a good book while covered in a handmade afghan that you just finished.

Friday Night Knitting Club Novel By Kate Jacobs

Here is a great gift idea for the knitter. A book series that is centered around knitting. Nothing inspires a knitter to knit as much as other productive knitters.

Friday Night Knitting Club-Book 1Knit Two – Book 2Knit the Season – Book 3

The Knitters Fun Reversible Knitting Project Bag – Perfect for Yarn and Needles

Reversible Knitting Project Bag

Everyone that crafts with yarn needs a project bag.

I usually take mine to the car shop while my car is getting worked on or while I wait at the beauty shop.

You can find all kinds of time to knit or crochet a few rows when you are waiting.

I truly don’t believe in carrying an ugly project bag.

This one is adorable and it is reversible. It comes with a matching notions bag for your scissors and things like that.

Best Gift Idea Yet

Best Gifts for the Knitter or Yarn LoversThis last weekend we went to Branson Missouri with 3 other couples and their kids. One wife brought out her crocheting and her yarn bag had an item that mine has never had.

Can you see it in the picture? It’s a flask. Now why didn’t I think of that? No wonder she was so calm as her pre-teens ran all over the place. Actually, the kids were all great this weekend.

But her flask got me thinking that this would be a great gift idea for knitters and crocheters. Even if we just use it for tea (tea…sure..right).

Top Shelf Flasks Stainless Steel Hip FlaskStanley Classic Flask 8oz Hammertone GreenMaxam 12oz Stainless Steel Hip FlaskStainless Steel 8-Oz. Hip Flask & Funnel Set

Yarn Lover Bags I Created Because They Are Fun

Yarn, Crochet, Wine Large Tote BagYarn, Crochet, Wine Large Tote BagYarn Knitting Wine Large Tote BagYarn Knitting Wine Large Tote BagIn a perfect world.... large tote bagIn a perfect world…. large tote bagYarn is Free Crochet Makes Skinny Large Tote BagYarn is Free Crochet Makes Skinny Large Tote Bag


Funny Knitters or Yarn Lovers Tote Bags

Here is a simple idea to put a smile on a yarn lovers face. These are inexpensive and funny. They will be used, not always for yarn, but for something.

I use my tote bags all over the house and some are stored in my car for when I go to the market. They just come in so handy.

I Heart Crochet Tote BagI Heart Crochet Tote BagI love wool budget tote bagI love wool budget tote bagI Love Knitting Personalized BagI Love Knitting Personalized Bag


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