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Best Headphones For Kids

Best Headphones For Kids

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Trey in Dres
This is my grandson Trey in his Dr. Dre headphones. His father is a big techy guy, so he is starting his son early.

When I saw this picture I just knew there had to be a better solution for Trey than these huge headphones. I knew there had to be better headphones for kids.

So I set out on a mission to find him the best headphones for kids his size and up.

The thought was then really reinforced in my mind when the very next day I went to a Blues-fest in my area and saw a baby with makeshift headphones on his head. I know they were doing it to protect his hearing at the concerts, which is a really good idea.

But the thought struck me again….isn’t there a better solution? Yes there is.

Best Headphones For Kids

HeadFoams Headphones For Kids

I found some new headphones for kids that I think might be perfect for my grandson, Trey.

Headfoams have a soft body that makes it comfortable for all kids to where. The material they make it out of is like what they make Croc shoes out of. So they are kid-safe, kid-tough, kid-fun.

They can be bent in the opposite direction, twisted, stepped on and still survive! The body is made of single body of flexible foam, no moving plastic or metal or parts.

They also come with extenders, so it your childs head is small, these will still fit.

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Wired Kidz Gear Headphones

This headphone appeals to me because it has a 100% guarantee. I like that!

These work with all your devices, which is great because I do get a bit tired of telling the boys to turn it down.

These are custom designed for kids 2 and up, so they will fit small heads. And as with most of these, there is a volume limit so they can’t turn it up and hurt their ears.

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Wireless Kidz Gear Headphones

Kidz Gear Wireless Car Headphones For KidsClick for Details

They have a wireless choice too, but I didn’t find it in any other color than black.

They are calling this their Kidz Car Headphones. Made for car use only. Here is a bit more information so you can make the right choice for your kids.

The wireless Kidz Gear headphones are designed for use with built-in, single-channel IR DVD/Video systems –

NOT Wireless Bluetooth (like iPad) –

NOT Wireless RF (Radio Frequency) –

NOT for airplane use –

NOT for portable DVD systems


Califone Kids Headphones

Another great headphone for your kids are Califone. They are specifically sized for young students. These would be ideal for beginning computer classes and story-time.

They feature a permanently attached with reinforced “strain” connection that resists accidental pull out. Along with a lengthy 6 foot straight cord with 3.5mm plug set at right angle that also reduces accidental pull-out.

We know how kids love to move around. This will help a lot.

It also features around-ear ambient noise-reducing ear-cups deliver maximum protection against exterior sounds which keeps them from turning it up too loud to hear over outside noises.

We don’t want to damage their little ears.

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JBuddies Kids Headphones

Here is another great choice in headphones for kids.

They limit how loud the kids can turn them up. It is acoustically designed for kids limiting volume to less than 90 db.

Even small kids, 2 and up, will fit great with these because of they are built especially for them.

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To Protect Your Babies Ears

Try these when you take your little ones to a concert or a sporting event and things tend to get a little loud, these will keep the noise out.

They are designed for ages 3 months and up. With foam on the muffs, your baby will be comfortable and safe.

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For me, I think the best headphones for kids is the Headfoams. I like the material they are made out of and the fact that they can move with the kids and beyond. I hope this helps you find the best headphones for your kids.

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