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Best Ice Cream Maker: Create Memories For A Lifetime

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Best Ice Cream Maker: Create Memories For A Lifetime

The Best Ice Cream Maker will not just make ice cream, but will make memories.

When I was young, summertime family gatherings were all about homemade ice cream! It was hot outside, but we gathered around the old crank ice cream maker under a big shade tree and took our turn cranking the handle and dreaming of the wonderful frozen dessert that would soon be ours. Our dads and uncles would stand around and over-see the kids cranking the handle. They would talk to us and tease us. Good memories. Ice cream creates good memories.

Cranking that ice cream maker was hard work, especially for the kids. The parents would pack ice around the metal bowl that had the yummy cream and fruit in it and when it got hard to crank, we got excited because we knew that the ice cream would be like pure heaven. Nothing in the grocery store could touch it then and certainly nothing today can either.
Best ice cream maker

I still have my moms recipe for ice cream. I use it often when the grand-kids are here or when we have family gatherings. Everyone still enjoys homemade ice cream. Here is a picture of my Moms recipe. Feel free to try it. It was simple; sugar, eggs, vanilla and salt. She called this recipe Milnot Ice Cream because she sometimes replaced the cream with a can of Milnot, which I think is a sweetened condensed milk. I could be wrong on that, so don’t quote me. She didn’t give the instructions because you just mixed up a batch and put it in the ice cream maker and the churner did the rest.
Mothers Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

My favorite was always the vanilla because they would put in fresh vanilla beans. Don’t ask me where they got them, I have no idea. My mother knew I loved Malt, so she would put some of that in a vanilla batch just for me. In those days, just one batch wasn’t enough. We would make at least 3 flavors for family gatherings. Everyone had their favorites. This recipe takes me back to when I was child on hot summers days.

My kids loved making ice cream and it really brought us together. They always helped me make it and then helped clean up. It was a happy family time. How often does that happy? Not much. We are all so busy running different directions.

Maybe homemade ice cream can bring your family together, even if it just for a little bit.

Hand Crank Ice Cream Makers

I was surprised that had hand crank ice cream makers still. I guess some people still love the idea of doing it the old fashioned way. It looks like the only one that makes them any more is White Mountain. They look like a really good quality ice cream makers that will last a long time. You will be able to pass this on to your kids.

6-Quart Wooden-Bucket Manual Hand-Crank Ice-Cream Maker6-Quart Hand Cranked Ice Cream Maker4-Quart Hand-Crank Ice Cream Freezer

Cuisinart Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker

This is more my speed these days!

An Electric Ice Cream Maker that does all the hard work for you.

Although I don’t own this one….yet, it is on my wish list.

I still can use mothers recipe or any other recipe I find that sounds good.

Watch the video to see how simple this really is.


6 Quart Electric Ice Cream Makers

I do prefer the 6 quart ice cream makers. If I am going to make it, I want to make a large amount. These are all built like the old crank machines, except you don’t crank it. But the bucket and the cylinder that the ice cream is made in is really the same as the old design. This is what I have, although I am partial to Cuisinart, so I really want that one too.

6-Quart Wood-Barrel Ice-Cream MakerWhite Mountain Wooden Bucket 6-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker6-Quart Old-Fashioned Pine-Bucket Electric/Manual Ice-Cream Maker

These are the ones that I would choose from if you are going to start your own family tradition. If you buy a cheap one, the motor will give out on you right in the middle of a batch. No one wants that to happen. These machines are made to last for years. I know that if my grandmother was still alive, hers would still be in the basement waiting to be brought up for summertime fun.

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