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bird watching camera

Bird Watching Camera

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This time of year that I start thinking about putting out my bird feeders. I love watching them, but I always wonder what I miss when I am not watching the birds. A bird watching camera is a great solution to that problem.

It is motion-activated, so it only works when it senses a bird or something else is there. It mounts on stationary objects or hangs from branches to photograph birds where they visit. You can even watch other animals besides birds. Just put it where you think they will be to see what they do when you aren’t watching.

Wingscapes WSCA03 Audubon BirdCam

The BirdCam is housed in a lockable weatherproof case that stands up to the elements, so you can leave it unattended for days on end. The camera is also versatile, recording to both SD cards and internal memory (32 MB). The SD option makes it a breeze to email and print images with no tools, wiring, or software required. Plus, you can experiment with a variety of mounting options, from pointing it at a birdhouse or birdbath to simply setting it on the ground.

Wingscapes Bird Watching CameraWingscapes Bird Watching CameraWingscapes Bird Watching CameraWingscapes Bird Watching Camera

So this year when you are setting out your bird food for the winter months, think about putting a camera near by for some interesting shots. If you aren’t sure what bird food to put out, check this link, Best Bird Feeding Tips for the Winter.

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