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Blue and White Kitchen Ideas

Blue and White Kitchen Ideas

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Blue and White Kitchen Ideas – So Pretty!

Blue and White Kitchen decorating ideas are easy for me to come up with because I love this color so much. It reminds me of my favorite place in the world….the beach.

I have had my orange and brown Tuscan dishes for 10 years and I have decided that it is time for me to redecorate my kitchen. These dishes are old and dated, but they did last 10 years…I really can’t complain.

When I think of blue and white kitchen ideas I always think of a bright and airy room. Light plays such an important role in any blue and white kitchen ideas.

The blue and white kitchen I found at Houzz fits that description perfectly.  It’s in Denver and they call this blue kitchen Misty Blue. Doesn’t that just sound light and airy?

Blue and White Kitchen Ideas 2 They even have a pig in their tile work. If you know me at all,  you know that I love the pig. I am really very country and I love roosters, cows and pigs. I currently have roosters and cows in my kitchen. I may have to add some pigs now. So cute.

The pale blue tile is gorgeous and I am really attracted to how worn it looks, almost like my favorite old pair of blue jeans.

Blue and White Kitchen Ideas With Minimum Color

If you are afraid to jump into a big color change in your kitchen, it’s ok. If you look closely at this kitchen, the majority of it is white. They added a blue island and stove and then accented with blue tile and decor. So try painting just the island. If you don’t like it, you can always change it back.

I would still choose a color that will coordinate with your dinnerware. It doesn’t have to be a dark color, just something that you love and will give your kitchen a POP of color.

After you do the island, you may like it so well that you do the rest of the cabinets too. Personally, I like the two colors like this.


Blue and White Kitchen Ideas – Choosing Dinnerware

When I decide to change my kitchen I choose the dinnerware first. That purchase has a huge impact on the colors I will paint the walls and how I decorate. Below you can see my tired old Tuscan dinnerware that has lasted over 10 years. When I first got them I painted my kitchen walls Guacamole. It was a pretty light green that I loved.

Blue and White Kitchen Ideas

But now I am ready for something new. The bold dinnerware set in the middle speaks to me on levels. The safer choice for me is the one on the far right.  Clean and airy. They are both pretty, but complete opposites really.  I am going to play with both of them to see what colors I would use for the walls and decor. The middle one is easy for the decor with the red rim. I really like that.


Spode Blue Indigo for Blue and White Kitchen Ideas 2

I really like this first dinnerware choice because I added the yellow paint to the mix. Yellow, blue and white are my favorite color combinations. So this one is really pulling hard on my heart strings.

It would be so easy to paint the cabinets blue and white, maybe like you see in the kitchen I picked out from above. Then accent the kitchen with yellow bowls, canisters, and flowers.

I painted a kitchen years ago in these colors, but I painted the cabinets white and in the middle of each cabinet where there was trim, I painted blue. Wow…that was a fun kitchen.

Piers Blue Mix for Blue and White Kitchen Ideas 2

As you can see, these colors are much bolder, but so in the dinnerware choice. I would still paint my island blue, but the majority of my cabinets would be white. Strong blue accents and a bit of red thrown in there will make this kitchen really pop.


Blue and White Kitchen Dinnerware

Here are some other dinnerware sets that I thought might be a really good fit for your blue and white kitchen ideas.

Corelle LivingwareCorelle LivingwareCorelleCorelleCorelle LivingwareCorelle Livingware222 Fifth Lyria Blue222 Fifth Lyria BlueIndigoldIndigoldRoyal Doulton PacificRoyal Doulton Pacific


Great Blue and White Kitchen Towels – Adding Bits of color

Everyone uses dish towels in their kitchen. Most of us just go to the local box store and buy whatever they have. There is really nothing wrong with that.

But what if just this once you choose something a bit more exciting? Something that will make you smile every time you look at them. How fun is that??? The kitchen towels I have picked here are fun and have a great POP of color.

Paris Eiffel Tower KitchenParis Eiffel Tower KitchenKay Dee Designs CookKay Dee Designs CookKay Dee DesignsKay Dee DesignsKay Dee DesignsKay Dee DesignsKay Dee DesignsKay Dee DesignsKay Dee DesignsKay Dee Designs


Blue and White Kitchen Bar Stool Ideas

We use our bar stools… a lot. So I want them to be comfortable. I like backs and I like padded seats. That isn’t always easy to find. You can choose any bar stools you want if you have an island, but here are some of my choices.

HomCom 40Boraam 3724 Florence Counter Height Stool, 24-Inch, Distressed White, 2-PackLeopard 24Linon Monaco Stool, 30-Inch, Dark Red


Blue and white kitchens are adorable, but what if you aren’t sold after seeing all this? That’s ok. We are allowed to change our minds. What do you think of  Yellow and White Kitchens? Not sure? Well check out this page. Maybe that is the color combo that will light up your eyes.

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