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Play Castles for Boys

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Play Castles for BoysPlay Castles for Boys is the perfect gift.

I think it teaches them to be the Knight in Shining armor to the damsel in distress. .

My boys love to play and pretend that they are fighting a dragon and saving the fair princess of the kingdom.

These are great things to pretend. We want our boys to learn to take care of women in all cases of injustice. How special their play castle sets will be for them to play with everyday.

Choosing the right play castle set will be the hardest. There are so many to choose from and they all have extra stuff that comes with them or that you can buy additionally.

These play castle sets are really big too, many of them open up for a huge play area. Some have sounds and lights. Hidden passageways and spinning floors make it even more exciting. These play castles for boys are fun to play with.

Play Castles for Boys

Fisher-Price TRIO Wizard’s Play Castle

There is a reason we trust Fisher-Price and that is because of their long lasting track record of making good, sturdy, dependable toys.

So right away you know that this will be worth check out. This set comes in parts and what is really great about it is that you can build up to 4 castles with all the parts.

This 150 piece set includes two play figures that snap on to the bricks. There are double-sided snap-in picture panels that allow your child to choose which way they will face and how their castle will look.

Inside the castle it has a spinning floor that reveals a secret passage way. Your child can “Disappear” inside the drop-down tower, or trap an invader at the bottom!

So many great options with this set.

Fisher-Price TRIO Wizard’s CastleFisher-Price TRIO Wizard’s CastleFisher-Price TRIO Wizard’s CastleFisher-Price TRIO Wizard’s Castle

Fisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Play Castle

Another great boys castle play set that comes from Fisher-Price. The castle is loaded with play pieces and is ready to go right out of the box.

It expands to 42 inches when opened in full. It has cool sound effects and light up features.

Here is what comes in the box:

Castle, three figure turn disks, two catapults, Turn Tech cannon with two projectiles, eight firing disks, treasure chest, two ladders, four flags, and three soldiers with helmets, shields, and swords.

You will need two AA batteries to make the sounds and lights active and three button-cell LR44 batteries.

The soldiers and weapons create sounds throughout the castle that will delight your little soldier. The moving parts include the drawbridge and some breakaway walls.

The eagle and cannons shoot plastic disks, and this castle works with other Action Tech accessories.

Imaginext Eagle Talon CastleGet DetailsImaginext Eagle Talon CastleGet DetailsImaginext Eagle Talon CastleGet DetailsImaginext Eagle Talon CastleGet Details

Here are a few of the accessories that can be used with this set. There are many more, but you will have to explore them all yourself.

Castle DragonGood Knight and HorseDark Knight and HorseCastle Ogre

Schleich Knight’s Play Castle for Boys

This castle features a majestic “stone” castle with 2 towers, 4 walls, 2 connecting elements and a working drawbridge.

Your little guy can connect the pieces in different arrangements to create his own custom castles.

There are additional figures that can be purchased that are below the castle to really add to the castle atmosphere.

Schleich Knight’s CastleSchleich Knight’s CastleSchleich DragonLion Coat of Arms KnightCrossbowmanSchleich Kishay Figure

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Folding Medieval Play Castle

Melissa and Dougs toys are made out of wood, and I love that. They say that this play castle for boys is good for boys ages 3 and up. Some of the others were geared towards a few years older.

This play castle for boys features hand-painted accents, a working drawbridge and trap door, colorful courtyard, balconies and removable turret!

Any boy will love the features on this. You can purchase additional items as well to fit into this play castle.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Folding Medieval CastleMelissa & Doug Deluxe Folding Medieval CastleMelissa & Doug Royal Family Wooden Doll SetMelissa & Doug Castle Wooden Figure Set

Just a few more play castles for boys to choose from –

Le Toy Van Wooden Blue Excalibur CastleFisher Price Imaginext Samurai CastleNarnia Prince Caspian Deluxe Castle Play SetMedieval Castle Play Set, Deluxe Version

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