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Buzzy Pain Relief System

Have you seen the Buzzy Pain Relief System?

I just saw this on the Shark Tank. Buzzy Pain Relief System It takes the sting out of shots.

I think this is an amazing pain relief for kids. But I can also see how this would be good for adults as well. It is a personal pain relief system that masks the pain while a procedure is happening, from splinters to needle procedures

It uses vibration to keep the child distracted from the pain they are undergoing with a shot or whatever procedure they are under going.
Buzzy Pain Relief for Kids

Immunization shots are something that we have to give our kids, even though it hurts us more than them. As adults we understand that these shots are for their own good.

Now we have an option that will help them deal with that pain, no matter what their age.

Pain Free Childrens Shots

It looks very simple and you have to ask…How can this help?

Lady BugBlackBumble Bee

Buzzy Pain Relief is an award-winning personal pain management device invented by a physician, mom, and pain researcher.

The Buzzy Pain Relief System combines two pain control theories, the Gate Theory of Pain Control (the vibration) and the Descending Noxious Inhibitory Control (the ice) to confuse the nerves and trick the brain into not feeling the sharp pain.

It helps minimize the trauma that sometimes comes with medical visits.

Buzzy Pain Relief - Gate Theory Pain Control

Research shows that these early traumatic experiences can lead to avoidance of medical treatment – like immunizations – in the future. Buzzy Pain Relief System is reusable, affordable, and effective. Also good to know is that it’s FDA-compliant and lead free.

Buzzy Pain Relief Perfect For Adults Too

Buzzy Pain Relief for Adults

It can also work for adults. If you are having a painful procedure at the dentist or something that requires needles, this may be perfect for you.

Older adults as well can use this to ease the pain of arthritis. The Bumble Bee Buzzy Pain Relief is larger for adults and has a strap to keep it in place. It will great great for neck, shoulder or lower back pain as well. Try using it for 10 to 20 minutes twice a day for relief of nagging pain.

Buzzy Pain Relief for Adults

It might be worth trying. I know I am going to tell my daughter and son so my grand sons will have a little relief when its their time to get a shot or stitches. It will be great for all their backyard scrapes and bruises as well.

See what others are saying about the Buzzy Pain Relief System:
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If you have trouble with shots or injections, or any other medical procedures that are painful, you might give Buzzy Pain Relief a try. It’s perfect for kids and adults!

Buzzy Pain Distraction or Relief

Buzzy Pain Relief - Mask The Pain
Buzzy Pain Relief System - Take the Sting Out
Buzzy Pain Relief System
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