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Cappuccino and Coffee Stencils: Making Coffee Pretty

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Cappuccino and Coffee Stencils are what you use to make your coffee, hot chocolate or latte pretty. Simple, easy and very inexpensive. Let’s make all coffee pretty! I love coffee! and I am a sucker for pretty coffee, like cappuccino.

I love the way they put the sprinkle toppers on. I don’t use cream in my coffee, but if I had a coffee sprinkler, I would change my coffee habits.

They just look so cute and warm and welcoming. How can you not sit down and have a cup of coffee when they the cappuccino and coffee stencils have been used? They are so cute!

I had no idea that I could do this in my own home. It really is simple.

I know that the “real” coffee experts do this kind of stuff free hand. But come on, there is no way I am going to be able to do that. I am not artsy at all.

coffee sprinkles2
So I cheat by getting stencils and just dusting my coffee or cappuccino with chocolate dust or cinnamon or any other flavor that you like. Next you find the stencil that you like and either purchase a shaker or risk over dusting.

See, I told you it would be easy. Now you can make coffee that looks so professional for your guests or just for yourself. Add this to your kids hot chocolate and they will think you are magic.

You can also use these stencils for dusting cakes with powdered sugar or cinnamon. These will make great designs on cakes and your guests will wonder how you did it.

There are dozens of different stencils to choose from and most of them come in a package with several in it. So just choose the stencil package you want and have fun.

Here are a few stencils with and without shakers.

Six StencilsCheck PriceStorage BoxCheck PriceEasy To DoCheck PriceTen StencilsCheck PriceTen StencilsCheck Price6 Stencils and ShakerCheck Price16 StencilsCheck Price16 StencilsCheck Price8 Stencils and ShakerCheck Price

As you can see, the mesh shakers that you use with the stencils are a simple shaker that you may already have in your home. I don’t think that the dome shaped shakers would work very well for this because you can’t control the sprinkles as well. But if that is the one you own, try it. You may be surprised.

Mesh ShakerCheck PriceMesh Shaker with a LidCheck PriceSet of TwoCheck Price

If you really want to get fancy, get some cappuccino cups and saucers. That will make any coffee time fun and special. Especially with your cappuccino and coffee stencils.

Set of 4Check PriceCappuccino Cups and SaucersCheck PriceSet of 2Check Price

If you like coffee as much as I do, you may want to branch out to some different recipes. Here is a great place to start. Coffee recipe books. Who knew? Here is a great assortment that come either in paperback or on your Kindle. How convenient!

Better Than Starbucks!Check PriceTop 100 Coffee RecipesCheck PriceI love Coffee! 100 RecipesCheck Price

These are things that I want to try for myself, but I can see a great gift opportunity here as well. I have several friends that are coffee-holics just like myself. I think I might have just figured out what their next gift will be.

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