Headlight Eyelashes for Cars

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Headlight Eyelashes for CarsI saw these on the cutest Headlight Eyelashes for cars while we were in New Orleans last year. I had no idea how popular they were.

Now all I need is a cute pink car and a pair of eyelashes. I have a cute white car, I guess that would work.

Put on a pair of red, pink or even black headlight eyelashes and people will know me around town.

Would you put headlight eyelashes on your car?

Now I know they guys probably won’t be jumping on this, but I am sure some of you girls will be. This is an adorable idea to make your car stand out and really give it personality.

These are Vinyl Car eyelashes with 3M automotive grade trim tape. They easily bend around headlight with flexible design.

3D Charming Black Car EyelashCarLashes (1001UB) Classic BlackThe Official Car Lashes(TM)Gracetop 3D Car Eyelash

If you really want to jazz it up, add some Car Lashes Eyeliner to make it stand out. You can put it on top of the lashes or under. Isn’t that fun!!!

car lashes eyeliner

3D Car Diamond Eyeliner Decal3D Car Diamond Eyeliner Decal3D Car Diamond Eyeliner Decal3D Car Diamond Eyeliner Decal

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