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Cool Ice Cube Molds

Cool Ice Cube Molds

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Cool Ice Cube Molds will make any party better!

cool ice tray

Cool Ice Cube Molds will make any party more fun. What a great idea for bridal showers, birthday parties, or bachelor parties. Imagine the surprise and the fun your guests will have with these cool ice cubes. With so many to choose from, you will find the right one one your occassion.

Some of us have an ice maker in our fridge, some of us still use ice trays. Either way, we are still free to use cool ice trays for special occasions. Themed parties would be a great time to use these.

They also will make great gift ideas. Maybe the gun and bullet ice trays could be a gift for a military or police friends.

Check these out and let me know where you will be using them or for what occasion.


Brain Shaped Ice Cube Mold

This great brain shaped ice cube mold will be loved by your kids, young and old. Try it out and see what happens.

Fun Freeze Brain Shaped Ice Cube TrayClick for Details


Guns and Bullets Shaped Ice Cube Molds

We all have gangster friends…right? Now you can serve them handgun shaped ice with a side of AK67 bullets. Talk about not expecting ice that looks like this! Surprise your friends with unique and fun ice cubes with these great ice trays. The handgun ice tray gives you 6 detailed ice cubes and what you may not have noticed is that the ice tray itself looks like a briefcase with a cutout carrying handle adds mobster-style flair. The bullet ice tray creates 10 at a time to create one killer of a drink. Check out more details by clicking through to

Handgun-Shaped Ice-Cube TrayClick for DetailsAK47 Gun Ice Cube TrayClick for DetailsMustard NG 4000 AK Ice TrayClick for DetailsStylish Gun Shaped IceClick for Details


Shot Glass Ice Cube Trays

Fill cold shot glasses made silicone ice cube molds with your favorite shot liquid and watch the fun begin.

Fred Cool Shooters Shot Glass MoldClick for DetailsIce Shot Glass Silicone TrayClick for Details


Heart Ice Cube Mold

Perfect idea for date night or for any romantic date. Add ice in the shape of hearts or rings for a fun evening at home. This would also be a fun idea for bridal showers.

Heart Ice Cube TrayClick for DetailsLove Ring Ice Cube TrayClick for DetailsIKEA Rubber Ice Cube TrayClick for Details


Music Lovers Ice Trays

The guitar is also a stir stick. The top part, the stir stick, is reusable. Great way to jazz your party up.

 Fred Cool Jazz Ice Cube TrayClick for Details Cool Tunes Mucical NotesClick for Details


Gin and Titanic Ice Cube Tray

How about a pack of four ocean liners and four icebergs. Your friends will chuckle when they realize that their ice in their drink isn’t just ordinary ice. The icebergs float while ocean liners list slightly. Now it is up to you to add the perfect beverage to really set this off.

 Gin and Titonic Ice Cube TrayClick for Details Gin and Titonic Ice Cube TrayClick for Details


Skull and Crossbones

Now ice can be cool, fun and scary. Is your mind running with ideas when you can use these great ice trays? These are so much fun! What a great party starter! If you want to shake things up…this is the way to go. Now really go wild by creating ice with color foods like wine. The fun only begins when your imagination starts to go wild.

Fred Bone Chillers Ice Cube TrayClick for DetailsSkull & Crossbones Ice Cube TrayClick for Details


Furry Friends

Maybe you would like to have a bear or penguin or an octopus
…well here you go. Fun furry friends are now floating in your guest drinks.

Polar Ice – Penguin and Polar Bear (Ice Cube Molds)Click for DetailsPolar Ice – Penguin and Polar Bear (Ice Cube Molds)Click for DetailsFred and Friends Abominable IceClick for DetailsHIC Brands that Cook Silicone Duck Ice Cube Tray and Baking MoldClick for DetailsCoolamari Octopus Ice TrayClick for DetailsCoolamari Octopus Ice TrayClick for Details

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