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Cool iPhone 6 Cases for Guys Who Want Something Different

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The iPhone 6 is the newest phone in the Apple family, so it’s only natural that everyone’s looking for a cool iPhone 6 case.

But for guys who want something different for their new phone, this is the place to look. Here you can find cases that are fun, sporty and a bit different than main stream phone cases.

As soon as my husband heard the iPhone 6 was coming out he wanted to be one of the first in line to buy one. I think I talked some sense into him. That won’t last forever though, I know he will buy one sooner or later. He loves to buy the latest and the greatest gadgets. But when he does buy a new iPhone 6 he will need a cool cover. It takes time to pick out the right phone case, so I am going to start now and when he is ready to buy, I will already have a few picked out for him to choose from.

Cool iPhone 6 Cases for Guys
The new iPhone 6’s aren’t the same size as any of the other iPhone’s, so the cases aren’t interchangeable. They are bigger and yet much thinner. So if you have the the new phone, you will need a new case.

People who don’t put cases on their phones are just asking for trouble. We carry them every where we go and they are usually on our body somewhere, in a pocket usually. They are so easy to drop and when we do that, we run the risk of breaking the screen. I have see it done many times.

The cases I’m featuring are just for the new iPhone 6, NOT for the 6 Plus. I will get to those later. I put a collection of iPhone 6 cases together that I thought my husband might like. If you have different taste, just click on any iPhone case and start a search of your own. It is fast and easy to find what you are looking for. Have fun!

Your Favorite Sport and Your Favorite iPhone 6 Case

My husband loves sports and I know he would love a phone cover that showed his true love. There are tons of sports covers, here are just a few that I thought he would like. He is a baseball, football, golf lovin’ kinda guy.

Lacrosse SticksCheck PriceHockey Goalie MaskCheck PriceWaimea SurfboardCheck PriceVintage BaseballCheck PriceOld Retro BasketballCheck PriceVintage Travel Scotland GolfCheck PriceCyclingCheck PriceTriathlonCheck PriceFootballCheck PriceI Love SoccerCheck Price

Vintage Cars Are Perfect For the iPhone 6 Cases

I am not sure if it is Marvin or myself that likes the vintage cars more. I love old cars and I can’t imagine guys not liking them as well. I grew up in the 60’s with Mustangs. Those were the coolest cars ever. My sister bought a baby blue 1967 Mustang. We had so much fun in that car! She got the good first car, while I inherited the red Pinto hatchback from my greatgrandfather. Not my proudest moment in time. I wonder whatever happened to the Mustang?

Vintage MercedesCheck PriceShelby Mustang Racing StripesCheck PriceSports car gear knobCheck PriceRusty old v8Check PriceSports CarCheck PriceClassic car gaugesCheck Price1966 MustangCheck PriceRusty Old Antique TruckCheck PriceAsphaltCheck PriceCorvetteCheck Price

Zombies and Cool Skulls Will Look Cool on Your iPhone 6 Case

Now this I don’t get. But I know it is really popular with the guys. If it makes them happy, I am all for it. The strange thing is, I see girls carrying skull stuff too. Maybe I am just too old to get it.

ZombieCheck PriceThis is my Zombie Killing PhoneCheck PriceI Shoot ZombiesCheck PriceZombie ApocalypseCheck PriceZombie Outbreak Response TeamCheck PriceZombiesCheck PriceZombie Hunter PrideCheck Priceriding a trikeCheck PriceFire Starter by Sal SerranoCheck PriceTop Hat SkullCheck Price

iPhone 6 Cases With Badges of Honor

I like the idea of showing off what you do and what you stand for. Badges on your phone case that tell people you are a Fireman or Paramedic. I am not really sure how men feel about carrying something like this, but I added them just in case they do.

FirefighterCheck PriceParamedicCheck PriceFire Department – Personalize It!Check PriceUS Coast GuardCheck PriceUS Air ForceCheck PriceFire Department Flaming BadgeCheck PriceUS NavyCheck PriceWoody: Sheriff BadgeCheck PriceSmoke Jumpers BadgeCheck PriceSheriffCheck Price

iPhone 6 Super Heroes Cases

What to say about Super Heros? Everyone loves them. They remind us of our childhood and let us relive some great memories of watching these guys on TV every week. They are still just as popular among the guys and girls today.

SupermanCheck PriceSuperman Man of SteelCheck PriceSuperman Chest LogoCheck PriceFly SocietyCheck PriceZAMM BatmanCheck PriceBatmanCheck PriceBatman and Robin In BatmobileCheck PriceCalling BatmanCheck PriceRiddlerCheck PriceJokerCheck Price

Flags For Your New iPhone 6 Case

I am not sure how Marvin will feel about these, but I thought they looked really cool. I love the vintage ones for the states.

Old Wooden Maryland FlagCheck PriceOld Wooden California FlagCheck PriceColorado flag Rock MountainsCheck PriceAmerican FlagCheck PriceTexas FlagCheck PriceAmerican Flag SkullCheck PriceConfederate Rebel FlagCheck Priceew Mexico FlagCheck PriceWyoming FlagCheck PriceMontana FlagCheck Price

So there are some choices I thought looked manly. Did I hit the mark or am I way off? It wouldn’t be the first time I missed. I hope you found one you liked or got some inspiration for a iPhone 6 case for yourself or maybe a loved one. These would make great gifts!

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