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Decorative Kitchen Chalkboard

Decorative Kitchen Chalkboard

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Cool Kitchen Chalkboard IdeasA Decorative Kitchen Chalkboard hangs in my kitchen and has for years.

But I don’t let anyone write on it.

Years ago when I was going through a hard time my middle child wrote an encouraging phrase on there to help me.

I have cherished that chalk writing for a long time. If I can, I want to preserve it for years to come. I wonder if she knew then how much that chalk writing would impact me?

She visited me this month and saw it. She was shocked that I still had it. I protected it from getting erased through all my moves. It is pretty amazing it is still around.

I love chalkboards and that is why I had that decorative kitchen chalkboard in my house. We would use them to give messages to each other. Sometimes they were messages like “I will be home late” or maybe I took the car”, that one didn’t go over so well.
Cool Kitchen Chalkboard Ideas
I use them for so many things. Mostly to remind me of things, but to help the kids remember a promise they made to me or their dad or dates they made that they might have forgotten.

Sometimes it was a chore chalkboard and sometimes it was a school homework reminder chalkboard. Since we home schooled, we needed ways to remember things like that.

I just love the idea of putting a big chalkboard on the other side of the kitchen bar for the kids to draw on. Mine were always under my feet when I would try to cook, so this would be a perfect solution.

I also like the idea of putting a decorative kitchen chalkboard on the refrigerator or the dishwasher. I know there are so many other places we can put them, but only you know where the perfect place is for your home.

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