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Microwavable Plush Animals

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Make Microwavable Plush Animals part of your bed time ritual for a more peaceful departure.

Have you ever heard of  Microwavable Plush Animals or heatable stuffed animals? Me either, but a couple years ago my husband and I met friends in Long Island for a small vacation and I fell in love with Microwaveable Plush Animals.

I met their grandsons while we were there. That is where I was introduced to Microwaveable Plush Animals.

Their grandsons each had one of these great stuffed toys. Their mother would heat them up for them right before story time and then bed time. It was a nice warm, soft, comfy friend that they snuggled during their ritual story before bed. Then off to bed with their warm friend.

Heated Stuffed Animals

I loved this idea of cozy hugs with heated stuffed animals and wanted to find some for my grandsons. I was surprised to find that there were so many different animals that were Therapeutic Microwaveable Plush Animals. Check out what I found.

Watch This

Watch this little guys ritual before bed with is microwavable plush animals . He shows you how it’s done. I love the pajama trick his mom does for him every night.

microwavable plush animals - lamb

Microwaveable Plush Animals

Each of these wonderful microwaveable plush animals is filled with 100% natural wheat or rice and gently scented with dried French lavender.

The soft outside makes them so cuddly. Your child will ask for his warm plush friend. Did you notice that they are big enough for your child to really snuggle with too.

Microwave for just 2 minutes, the animal will heat up and release a wonderfully warm, calming aroma. Lavender has been used naturally as an aid to sleep and relaxation for your child. It will hold the heat for hours.


Heated Stuffed Animals - Horse

They can also be used as a cold pack. Just place the plastic bag in the freezer. There are many times I wish I had this for my kids when they had injured themselves. This would have been perfect.

Intelex Cozy Therapy Plush, PenguinIntelex Cozy Microwavable GiraffeIntelex Cozy Therapy Plush, PandaIntelex Cozy Microwaveable Plush, DuckIntelex Cozy Plush HorseGromit Heatable Soft Toy

To clean your microwaveable plush animals just wipe them with a damp cloth. Don’t put your microwaveable plush in the washing machine. Each animal is stuffed with rice and lavender. What a mess that would be.

Panda Microwavable Plush Toy

There you have a pretty good list of really cute and usefull Microwavable Plush Animals that are fun to play with, yet soothing for your child. Which one will be your child’s favorite?

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Heated Stuff Animals - Pop in microwave for soft, warm, and snugly bedtimes.
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  1. A plush toy that can be made warm?? Wow… that is incredible

  2. What a great idea. How comforting for a little one to snuggle with something warm and soft. And the therapeutic part could be comforting for an earache or tummy ache. Really great for children, but I think I like it too.

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