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DIY Hammock Chair: Create A Swinging Hammock Chair

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Do you want to add something unusual to your child’s room?

This DIY Hammock Chair will be the perfect addition to any child’s room and maybe an adults room as well. I know a few adults that would love to have this hanging from their porch ceiling or even in a study area. Its a comfy seat that just envelopes you so you can concentrate of that book you have in your hand.

Creating a great reading nook or just a quiet place to hang out has never been so easy. Making it yourself gives you the option to choose the right fabrics for the room you will be hanging it in.
DIY Hammock Chair: Create A Swinging Hammock Chair

Will you make this hammock chair is a blue jean material to withstand your sons rambunctious antics? Or will you create it in a pretty pink material for your little girl? I can see me matching this with the cushions that sit on the back porch so we can hang out there when the weather is nice. All I would need is a good book and a cup of tea. Someone to keep refilling that tea might be nice too. Any friends want to wait on me for a day???

You can see that this DIY Hammock Chair will fit just about anywhere in your home. Maybe you can make one for a friend or your sister that would love a reading hammock. These would make unique gifts for those we love.

Get creative because this is going to be awesome!

You can find the full directions here.
DIY Hammock Chair: Create A Swinging Hammock Chair
Don’t think that this has to be just for a kids room. I can see this on the back porch for a great place to put my feet up and just relax. This would be great hanging from a tree in the garden as well. There are just so many uses for this great hammock chair.

My sister has a great 4 seasons porch and one of these would be great there. She has it decorated in vintage furniture and teal colors.

I think I just decided what I need to make her. I better get moving on it.

These DIY Hammock Chairs are fast and easy and so much fun to make.

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