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DIY Headboard From Wooden Pallets

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Creating a DIY headboard from wooden pallets has never been easier. Can you believe this was made with wooden pallets??? Amazing!!!

DIY Headboard From Wooden Pallets
Abandoned pallet wood is always available. If you can’t find abandoned pallets, go to hardware stores or places that have things delivered on pallets to see what they want for them. They may just give them to you for you to haul them away. They have so many, you know they are in their way. Free wood…I love it!!!

Or even simpler, if you don’t already know a place to puts their pallets outside for the trash people, just call around to some of your local lawn and garden stores and factories in the area. Just ask them what they do with their wooden pallets when they are done with them. Maybe you can get them to save them for you. That way they aren’t gone by the time you get there.

So why not create something awesome with them? Here are some great example of what a little bit of work can produce from free pallet wood.
DIY Pallet Headboard
These are projects that you can get creative with and really make it your own. I love that they put a light in some of these. That is handy since I like to read in bed. My night stand keeps my light a bit too far for me, so I would really like this idea for my pallet headboard.

I am definitely going to have to try one of these. I can’t wait!!!

Here are a few more blogs with tutorials you can follow that have great ideas for making DIY Headboard From Wooden Pallets. They all follow basically the same plan of action, but I love seeing how they have made it their own. Check these out before you get started on your own DIY Headboard:

Top 10 Best Sites for DIY Headboard From Wooden Pallets
1. Instructables
2. Lovely Crafty Home
3. The Thinking Closet
4. The Rooster and the Hen
5. Floridays Mom
6. The Idea Room
7. Randi with an “I”
8. We Are That Family
9. Ana White
10. Broken Plow Blog

DIY Pallet HeadboardFrom these great blogs I am sure you have found more inspiration for your own pallet headboard.

Now, where to get started?

First you will need some pallet wood. So get on that project right away. Find a free source if you can, but if not, find a cheap source.

Although these pallet headboards look really cool, the big reason you are using pallets is because they are free or cheap wood. So keep it cheap.

If you can’t find cheap wood, you may want to look for a different material to make your DIY headboard from.
DIY Pallet Headboard
After you have found your wood, gather your tools and materials needed to make this an awesome project. Each pallet headboard blog tells you what tools you will need to gather, along with the supplies necessary to make this project perfect.

Before you get to taking the pallets apart, draw out the design you think you want in the bedroom. Nothing fancy, just a rough drawing. You need to have an idea of what you are trying to accomplish here. You don’t have to follow the headboard instructions completely if you have another idea of how to make it truly yours.
DIY Headboard From Wooden Pallets
Once you have an idea what you want it to look like, start working with your wood and tools. Get the idea of how to do things from the blogs and then go for it.

Have fun and be safe!

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