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DIY How To Make A Hanging Bed: Create Outdoor Swing Bed

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Dreaming of relaxing in your backyard? Here is the perfect way to create your own DIY Make A Hanging Bed. We have seen them in the magazines and now we all want one in our own backyard.

Do you have the perfect place for one of these outdoor hanging beds? Somewhere in the shade hopefully. Just lay back and relax. Let the gentle winds move you to and fro. What could be more perfect? Well, besides being waited on hand and foot while you are. We know that isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

We have all seen these on Pinterest and other places like that. But now you can make your own. Just follow the easy instructions and this will be done in now time at all. Here is all you need:
DIY How To Make A Hanging Bed

Materials Needed:

2×4 boards, stud length (17)
3″ wood screws (100)
4″ lag screws with eye (8)
pilot hole bit to match wood screws and lag screws
50 feet of nylon rope or chain, load limit at least 200 lbs
small tube exterior wood filler

spray paint, exterior clear coat
sandpaper in coarse, medium and fine grits
measuring tape
carpenter’s square

Tip: Many hardware stores will make cuts complimentary with the purchase of lumber.

You can find the full directions here.

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