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DIY No Sew Teepee For Less Than $30: Instructions Inside

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This No Sew Teepee looks like a great idea because soon it will be too cold for the grandsons to play outside. But that doesn’t mean that play time is over at Grandma B’s house, especially with it costing less than $30.

I found a blog where they made a teepee for their daughters bedroom. It looks like their daughter sleeps there, but what a great idea for a fun tent. They really did a good job of creating it with kids in mind and then gave us the step by step directions to make it ourselves. That was kind of them.

You can find the full directions here.

I would, of course, make mine with boy colors since I have 4 grandsons and no granddaughters. Hint Hint to my kids….I want girls please. I also have a small apartment, so when more than one of them come to stay with me, we are a bit cramped. The living room area is the only place we have to play. I can see us making one of these no sew teepees ourselves and enjoying it for the few days they are with me. So what that I have to climb over it to get to the front door. It is worth it. I love when my grandsons come to visit. They won’t be small forever and I need to enjoy them while they are young.

This teepee can be made very simply because there is no sewing involved and the materials cost less than $30. They got the framing material at The Home Depot, so hopefully you have one of those near by or something like them, and they used string to tie them together. So far I think I can do this project.

They picked out fabric that would match their child’s room, so you can buy fabric in any color you want. It looks like they used 9 yards of fabric. I would go to the local fabric store and buy something on sale, hopefully for around $1 a yard. Then they used household thumbtacks to help keep the fabric in place. See, this really is an easy project.

This would be a great project for the kids and I to work on together. They would love to help with this.

Ready Made Teepee

Kids love tents of any kind, whether they are a no sew teepee or an expensive, bought at the store teepee.

Some of us that see “DIY No Sew Teepee” get cold chills down our back just thinking about trying it. It’s ok if some people aren’t as crafty as others are. Someone crafty made these “ready made” teepee’s just for you. There are tons of different ones to choose from. The kids will never know you didn’t make them yourselves. They will just enjoy climbing into them and have great adventures inside.

Sante Fe Giant Tee PeeKids Teepee Play TentVilac Indian TeepeeFlower Blossom 6′ Teepee

Indoor/Outdoor TeePee

You know they are going to try to drag their favorite toy…the Teepee….outside when the weather gets better. Make sure that your teepee is one that will survive the outdoors as well as it does indoors.

Look for fabric that you can either wash in the washing machine or can hand wash or one that won’t really show or absorb the dirt from outside. You know there are some fabrics that the dirt will just shake off of, so look for those kinds of fabric in an indoor/outdoor teepee.

Kids Indian TeepeeBlue Playtime Teepee7′ Children’s TeepeeTeepee Set with Travel Case

These would make a terrific gift for a little boy or girl. But first try to grab all the materials and make it with your kids or grandkids. It would be a memorable time for both you and them. It would be a fun time and something they would remember for a long time. Sometimes the memories they have of fun times isn’t what we remember at all. I try to never give up an opportunity to do something with my little guys. Whether it’s going outside to run in the yard or read them their favorite book.

I always remember the saying something about good child rearing means spending time with them, not money on them. Good words to remember.

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