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DIY Paint A Bike: Paint An Old Bike Fun Fresh Colors

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DIY Paint A Bike
Now is the time to create a DIY Paint A Bike project!

Bikes are back and very popular. It’s the funky colored bikes that everyone seems to be drawn to.

Do you have an older bike but it isn’t the color you want?

Here the the instructions on painting it that great color you have been dreaming of. Yes, you can do this. All the instructions, step by step are here.

You can find the full directions here.

diy paint a bike2

DIY Use A Bike For Your Yard Decoration
But so many of the really cool looking bikes no longer are useable. But that doesn’t mean that they have no value.

If you have an old bike that doesn’t work but is rustic, you might think of painting it to put in your garden or in front of your house as a great marker for company to look for and identify your home.

My sister has done this for years. She paints it a different color each year (usually neon or bright colors) and plants flowers in the basket. It is a conversation piece for sure. She doesn’t take it apart, she just paints everything, tires and all. That is the easy way, but you can’t ride it from then on.

Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Paint
Here is a selection that I thought would be perfect. There were so many colors to choose from that I had a hard time deciding which colors to share with you. Any of these would make a great bike color.

Krylon WatermelonCheck PriceKrylon Blue Ocean BreezeCheck PriceKrylon Tuscan SunsetCheck PriceKrylon Rich PlumCheck PriceKrylon Peekaboo BlueCheck PriceKrylon Bright IdeaCheck PriceKrylon Ballet SlipperCheck PriceKrylon CeleryCheck PriceKrylon Coral IsleCheck Price

Bike Baskets For Your DIY Paint A Bike Project

DIY Paint A Bike: Paint An Old Bike Fun Fresh Colors
Create a cute painted basket to go along with your new painted bike. Whether your bike is ride-able use a basket to hold your things while you are riding. This is a fun way to get a few groceries home without wasting gas and getting exercise at the same time.

If you bike is old and doesn’t work anymore, a basket on the front is the perfect place to put flowers, real or artificial, to dress up your yard.

I see these old bikes at garage sales and things and never new what to do with them. I am keeping my eyes peeled for one now. I think this is an adorable idea.

What do you think? Will you be doing your own DIY Paint A Bike project soon?

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