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DIY Step Stool With Built-in Storage

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DIY Step Stool With Built-in Storage is easy to make with a little help.

Kids love to feel like they are grown up….or at least getting there.

A little boost to the bathroom sink will boost their self esteem as well.

I put a stool in the bathroom when the grand kids come to visit, but they end up taking to different places around the house. The pool table is where I usually find it.

I think this step stool would be a perfect permanent addition to our bathroom for the lil guys.

I can do this myself with step by step instructions. With a little bit of wood, some screw or nails and some paint, I will have this put together in no time.

I love to find projects that I can make by myself. When I have to wait for help from hubby, it doesn’t get done any time soon. That just frustrates me. With great instructions, I can do just about anything. These are easy to follow instructions.

Step Stool With Built-in Storage2

You can find the full directions here.

After reading the instructions, you will probably have more great ideas to add to this cute step stool. I would of course paint it in a great color and then add some things to it to make it a stool the kids will love to use and want to take with them where ever they go.

I think they will probably want to take it outside, so I am thinking of making one just for outdoors. I would probably use wood and paint that are specifically made for outdoors. Then I would still make it cute or boyish, since I have nothing but grandsons. That step stool will be dragged all over our property, I can see it already. But if I make it sturdy, it will be ok.

What great ideas do you have for this DIY Step Stool With Built-in Storage? I am sure you have some great ones too.

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