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DIY Unique Stair Steps: Give Your Stairs An Artsy Flair

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DIY Unique Stair Steps is perfect for any home that needs something special on their stairs. They are unusual and unique additions to make any home even homier. Get creative!

I have seen people put wallpaper or stencil on the stair risers, but this is a new idea for me.

The fact that they used parts of old logos that most of us know was ingenious. I can imagine when people see these they squeal with delight when they recognize those logos. What fun!

From her directions I can see that it was time consuming and did take some artistic talent. But I don’t think it is something that any of us can’t do.

Besides, this is your home, a mistake is just showing that it’s your and you did it. Nothing I touch is ever perfect.

If you think you are brave enough to try a project where you paint on your stairs, then maybe this is perfect for you. You can be creative and use anything you want. I wouldn’t suggest telling your husband. Let him be surprised. What can he do after the fact.

What husband doesn’t want DIY Unique Stair Steps in their home. They can show it off and say that their wife did it. This is something that you will have great pride in doing.

You don’t have to use old ads from products. Maybe design in a creative way all the names of your children or all the surnames of your ancestors. Something that makes the house clearly yours. Get creative!!!

You can find the full directions here.

Before Picture –
Very boring stairs. We see these same stairs in everyone’s home. Make your stairs different by following these easy to use instructions. DIY projects that are both easy and fun.
DIY Unique Stair Steps2

After Picture –
What a difference! Who wouldn’t want these stairs in their home??? I wish I had stairs now.
DIY Unique Stair Steps3

I follow the blog Funky Junk Interiors because she has such great taste. I love what she can create and all her DIY projects.

Do you think that her instructions for DIY Unique Stair Steps will be one that you can follow? It doesn’t have to be old logos, it can be whatever you want on your stairs. Get creative….and have fun.

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