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Doctor Who Bathroom Accessories: Tardis in the Bathroom?

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Did you know there are lots of Doctor Who Bathroom Accessories to choose from?

Decorating your bathroom in bright colors is very popular. Choosing the right color is always hard though.

With that thought in mind, I considered how much my kids love the show Doctor Who, so I think that a Doctor Who bathroom would be so much fun to put together.

Doctor Who Bathroom Accessories

I searched for a few Doctor Who bathroom items and bingo…there is such a thing.

This would work really well for a boys bathroom or the kids bathroom, or maybe even the guest bathroom. It is so much fun to decorate a bathroom in some craziness!

I like to shake things up in my house and create a surprise room. Doing it in Doctor Who products will create a great bathroom.

Can you imagine yourself stepping into the Tardis by going through the Tardis shower curtain? As you can imagine….it’s bigger on the inside. No doubt you will bump into the Doctor and his companion, maybe even Riversong. Hopefully NOT the Silence! Your imagination will take you to different parts of the Tardis each time you step into it the shower. Just remember to come to back to earth when your shower is over.

I wonder with so many bathrooms on the Tardis if the doctor has one decorated in Earth theme? He should because we rock!

Doctor Who Shower Curtains

The shower curtain is the focal point in this room, so choose wisely. You can choose to use the Tardis one or tone it down a bit with a solid colored curtain and then add the Tardis items around the room with other accessories.

Tardis Shower CurtainTardis Shower CurtainDoctor Who Shower CurtainDoctor Who Shower CurtainThe Doctors Shower CurtainThe Doctors Shower CurtainDoctor Who & Van GoghDoctor Who & Van GoghStar GalaxyStar GalaxySolid Blue Shower CurtainSolid Blue Shower CurtainSolid Blue Shower CurtainSolid Blue Shower CurtainSolid Blue VinylSolid Blue Vinyl


I love these shower curtains because it gives you a great alternative to the normal blue of the Tardis.

This will also give you great colors to choose to bring out and then just have touches of blue to tie in Doctor Who.

Van Gogh is an awesome artist and the fact that they merged them speaks to me.

Doctor Who Bathroom Accessories

Every bathroom needs the “accessories”. We must have somewhere to keep all our stuff. Here are a few, including a cool trash can.

Soap DispenserSoap DispenserTooth Brush HolderTooth Brush HolderShower CaddyShower CaddyWaste BasketWaste Basket


Doctor Who Bath Mat and Towels

Ok, so they are beach towels. Who cares? I mean, really? I would use them for the kids bathroom. Better than buying the nice towels only for them to wipe something disgusting on them. Anyone else have that happen? Did I say I had a son? No explanation needed.

Bath MatBath MatBeach TowelBeach TowelDalek Beach TowelDalek Beach TowelDalek TowelDalek TowelExploding Tardis Beach TowelExploding Tardis Beach Towel


Doctor Who Bathroom Rug Choices

These aren’t actually bathroom rugs, but they would work just as well. I wanted to give you some choices in rugs. There is one bath mat above if you are worried about the water and such that is always in the bathroom.

Doctor Who Tardis RugDoctor Who Tardis RugSo Many Choices RugSo Many Choices RugWibbley Wobbley RugWibbley Wobbley RugWalking Doodle RugWalking Doodle Rug


Doctor Who Clocks

Gotta keep on time! With school, sports or band practice and family time, you have to keep the kids going and not with their head in the Tardis dreaming of being the doctor. Here are some great Doctor Who clocks that will help with that problem.

Tardis ClockTardis ClockTardis ClockTardis ClockWibbly Wobbly ClockWibbly Wobbly ClockArtifacts ClockArtifacts ClockBlue Tardis ClockBlue Tardis ClockWhite Tardis ClockWhite Tardis ClockThe Time Job ClockThe Time Job ClockBlue Walking Doodle ClockBlue Walking Doodle Clock


Doctor Who Wall Decals

Try to fit at least one of these in the bathroom. You can cut them apart and use some in a different part of the bathroom. If you have a flat surface door, you can use the door decal on it….either on the inside or out. It would be fun either way.

Blue TardisBlue TardisPolice Public Call BoxPolice Public Call Box3 pack - Dalek, Bad Wolf, and Are you my mummy3 pack – Dalek, Bad Wolf, and Are you my mummyTardis Bathroom Door DecalTardis Bathroom Door Decal


Doctor Who Bath Robe

Everyone needs a robe in the bathroom. I hate having to make a mad dash to my room when I forget my robe.

Doctor Who Time LordDoctor Who Time LordBlue Tardis Hooded RobeBlue Tardis Hooded RobeDalek RobeDalek RobeDr. Who 11th Doctor Bath RobeDr. Who 11th Doctor Bath Robe


This is a great start on a wonderful bathroom. Fill in with solid colors where you need them. You want the decor to be balanced with the printed products and some solid.

A starter Doctor Who Bathroom kit would be a great gift idea for someone who loves Doctor Who.

Share the love please!

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