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Doctor Who Bedroom Ideas and Accessories Any Fan Will Love

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Doctor Who Bedroom Ideas
I don’t have a Doctor Who bedroom yet. But this is exactly the kind of thing my niece would love.

Even just using the pillow cases shown and white sheets would make a really cool bedroom. Add a Tardis lamp and a throw rug and you have a quick and inexpensive Doctor Who bedroom.

My niece is completely in love with Doctor Who and will want to completely redecorate your bedroom when she sees this. She even uses a Whovian type name on her Instagram account. She has several shirts and things and they make her happy. So why not decorate your room?

If I bought this I would put it in the guest bedroom. What fun it would be for them to enter the bedroom only to see how fun it has been decorated. Even if they are not a Doctor Who fan they will enjoy the fun and creative accessories that I would have chosen just for that bedroom. I am sure in the morning they would have lots of questions and the conversation would turn very Doctor Whovian in no time at all.

I like this bedroom decor because there is no question as to what the theme is. Doctor Who hits you right upside the head and you know you are in a fans home. But I think they will enjoy the funness of it….is that a word?

I just happened to be searching for a house warming gift and I ran across all this great Doctor Who bedroom accessories. In our large family, everyone loves Doctor Who and he is a big part of the conversation. Since we don’t all get together more than a few times a year, everyone has to catch up on which episode you liked best or what you thought was going on with the Companions this year. I love family reunions. Maybe the next one will be at my house. I can see many members of my family fighting over my guest room now.

Here are a few things that I would start with and a few ideas of how to make it even more fun.

Tardis Door Cling

Tardis Door DecalCheck Price

Right away set the mood for when someone enters this bedroom.

Cover your bedroom door with a movie poster of the tardis.

It will cling to any smooth surface, so it your bedroom door is flat this will work perfectly.

It is created to go on easily and to come off just as easy.

I know you won’t want this on your door forever.


Tardis Duvet Set

Doctor Who Double Duvet SetCheck Price

Since the bed is the featured item usually in a bedroom, we will start there.

This is a Tardis Duvet Set for a double size bed. They also have one for a twin size bed.

Slide inside your very own Tardis every night and fly away with the good doctor on your own adventures.

This is completely machine washable.


Doctor Who Galaxy Bedding

These are not official Doctor Who bedding. But I thought that a Galaxy bedding might be a good alternative. You don’t want the Tardis every where in the bedroom, but in random places. So think about these. There are many more Galaxy bedding sets to choose from, just click on one of the Galaxy bedding I have selected and start a search for Galaxy bedding.

Gorgeous Shining Purple Star Print 4-Piece Duvet Cover SetsCheck PriceDigital Blue Meteorogram Print 4-Piece Duvet Cover SetsCheck PriceMagical Galaxy and Shining Star Print 4-Piece Duvet Cover SetsCheck PriceAmazing Colorful Shining Star Print 4-Piece Duvet Cover SetsCheck Price

Doctor Who Twin Size Blankets

You may opt for just a Doctor Who Blanket on the bed. Here are two choices that I found that I would use. They are colorful and ALL Doctor Who.

Doctor Who TardisCheck PriceTardisCheck Price

Doctor Who Pillowcases

You might decide not to have a full duvet set on the bed. You can start with a solid color and then decorate around it. I found some great Doctor Who pillowcases that will really look great on any bed as an accent pillow or for you to use with the bed sheets.

Doctor Who Inspired His Hers Pillowcase SetCheck PriceTardisCheck PriceTardis Doctor Who Starry NightCheck PriceDoctor WhoCheck PriceTardisCheck PriceDoctor Who and the TardisCheck Price

Doctor Who Throw Blanket

If you have a solid bedspread, adding a Doctor Who Throw might give it a good Whovian feel. Maybe one of these is what you need to pull the room together.

TardisCheck PriceTardis Moon in SpaceCheck PriceThe Tardis GallifreyCheck PriceWibbly Wobbly Timey WimeyCheck PriceDalek BlueprintCheck PriceTardisCheck Price

Doctor Who Bedroom Lamps

Tardis LampCheck Price

A Doctor Who Flashing Tardis Lamp is the perfect accessory for a Doctor Who bedroom.

It looks like the Tardis on the bottom and it has sound effects. I know this sounds perfect for kids, but I think I would like it too.

It says it is a flashing Tardis lamp. It doesn’t say that the Tardis flashes or the lamp part flashes, but it sounds like fun.

The Tardis doors open. The more I read about this lamp, the more I want it.


Doctor Who LampCheck PriceSonic Screwdriver LampCheck Price

Doctor Who Bedroom Rug

A nice rug at the bedside or somewhere in the room will tie things together well for this Doctor Who Bedroom.

Wibbly Wobbly RugCheck PriceThe DoctorsCheck PriceTardisCheck PriceTardis in SpaceCheck Price

Doctor Who Bedroom Throw Pillows

These are great decorative pillows that will look great on the bed or in a chair or something like that to add more color and more Doctor Who to the bedroom.

Doctor WhoCheck PriceI Heart Heart Dr. WhoCheck PriceI want to believeCheck PriceDoctor Who 16×16Check PriceDalek 16×16Check PriceTardis 16×16Check Price50th Anniversary 16×16Check PriceTardis 16×16Check PriceDoctor Who and the Tardis 16×16Check Price

Doctor Who Character Stand-Ups

If you are creating a bedroom for a young one or you have a really good sense of humor, try adding a stand-up cardboard cut out of your favorite character.

I had a stand-up cut out of Tim McGraw. He was advertising Bud Light I think, but they were throwing him away and I grabbed it. At the time I had a huge extra bathroom, so I stood him up in there. When my guests would use it I would hear screams, laughs and a few curse words. A couple of times I heard people say “Excuse me” and step out. hehehe…It was fun. Check out these Doctor Who Stand-Up cut outs.

Doctor WhoCheck PriceDoctor WhoCheck PriceK-9Check PriceDavrosCheck PriceRose TylerCheck PriceSarah Jane SmithCheck PriceDonna NobleCheck PriceAmy PondCheck Price

Ok, this should give you more than enough to get your creative juices flowing. There are no rules to this, just have fun.

If you have a family member that loves Doctor Who, consider giving them a gift of a starter piece for a Doctor Who Bedroom.

Share the love please!

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