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Doctor Who Gift Ideas For The Whovian On Your List

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dr who tardis
Doctor Who fans are everywhere, which makes Doctor Who gift ideas that much more important.

My son and his family are addicted, as well as my niece and nephew. I don’t get it, but I do know what I will be getting them as a gift this year.

They have tried to explain Doctor Who to me and what the Tardis is and the Sonic Screwdriver. I think I understand, but I really just need to go back and watch it from the beginning.

If you have a Doctor Who fan in your family, then you will love the items that I have found. These will make perfect gifts for the addicted fans of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Gift Ideas With Cool Shirts

Fan shirts are very popular today. Everyone wears shirts with some writing or a picture on it. You can learn a lot about a person just from watching what they wear every day. Which Doctor Who shirt will you wear next and what will it say about you? Shirts with your favorite pictures make excellent Doctor Who gift ideas.

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary T Shirts Gift Ideas

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Doctor Who Socks Make Great Gift Ideas

Socks are very personal. No on really needs to know what is on your socks, but you. But be warned, when you sit down there is a change that others will see your socks and know that you are a Whovian. Are you ready for the world to know that?

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Doctor Who Gift Ideas That Keep Them Warm

If you wear it on your head, it is a dead give-away that you are a Doctor Who Fan. Be bold, wear a Doctor Who hat or beanie! These make great Doctor Who gift ideas.

Doctor Who Robe and Accessories

Robes are anther way to be a quiet or silent Doctor Who fan. Who sees you in your robe? Not many people usually. So make your stand for Doctor Who, even if it is inside your private home.

Doctor Who iPhone 5 Covers

The majority of the population today own an iPhone. You won’t know what version they carry unless you are really knowledgeable about them or you ask them. But what great Doctor Who gift ideas these phone covers will make!

Doctor Who iPhone 4 Covers

Same phone covers, different version. But these still make the perfect Doctor Who gift ideas.

Doctor Who In The Kitchen

If you are a true Whovian or you know someone that is, the best Doctor Who gift ideas come for the kitchen. These will bring happiness to them every time they see them in the kitchen or every time they use them. Doctor Who fan are loyal and they love to show it with things around their home.

Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Jar Lights and SoundsDoctor Who 17 oz. Figural Tardis MugUnemployed Philosopher’s Guild Doctor Who’s Disappearing Tardis Mug, 12 oz CapacityDoctor Who TARDIS Acrylic Cup with StrawDoctor Who TARDIS Tin Tote Gift Set – SDCC ExclusiveDoctor Who Tardis vs Dalek Salt and Pepper Shaker SetDoctor Who Tardis Cookie JarDoctor Who Tardis TeapotDoctor Who Silicone Ice Tray and Chocolate Mold – TARDIS and Daleks Themed Mold Tray

Doctor Who In The Bedroom

Do you know someone that is looking to change their bedroom decor or has recently changed? Did they go with Doctor Who? They should have. Look at all the great stuff for the perfect Doctor Who bedroom.

Doctor Who Matt SmithDoctor Who The Tardis GallifreyDoctor Who Custom PillowcaseDoctor Who Custom PillowcaseDr Who Velveteen Throw Blanket 11 DoctorsDoctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm ClockWall Door STICKER Who Police boxDoctor Who Tardis Box Pillow Cover

Doctor Who Just For Fun

Some Doctor Who gift ideas are just too much fun to pass up.

Monopoly: Dr. Who Edition 50th Anniversary Collector’s EditionThe Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic ScrewdriverDoctor Who Collector’s EditionDoctor Who Journal of Impossible Things and Mini Sonic Screwdriver PenDoctor Who River Song’s TARDIS JournalThe Eleven Doctors Micro Figure SetDoctor Who Dalek Projector Alarm ClockDoctor Who Timelord Spinning TardisMy Other Car Is A TARDISDoctor Who Random Micro FigureDoctor Who Flight Control Tardis VehicleDoctor Who Tardis String LightsDoctor Who Card GameDoctor Who Tardis Table LampDr. Who Tardis Night LightBif Bang Pow! Doctor Who TARDIS Monitor Mate Bobble HeadDoctor Who Tardis Console Room Mega SetThe Doctor’s Fob Watch with Metal KeychainDoctor Who Journal of Impossible Things with Master RingDoctor Who Series 3 Blind Bag Mini FigureDalek Mini Torch LED KeychainDoctor Who Eleventh Doctor Mr. Potato Head

Doctor Who Books

What better Doctor Who gift ideas than a book about Doctor Who and his adventures over time and space. You can’t go wrong with any of these books.

Doctor Who: The Vault: Treasures from the First 50 YearsDoctor Who: Essential Guide to 50 Years of Doctor WhoDining With The Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian CookbookDoctor Who: Character EncyclopediaDoctor Who: The Visual DictionaryDoctor Who: Official Annual 2014Doctor Who: The Silent Stars Go By (Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection)Dr Who Second Doctor SourcebookDoctor Who: When’s the Doctor?

Doctor Who Life-size Stand-up Cutout

These are just too great to pass up. Imagine a friend walking into your house and being greeted by a life-size cardboard cutout of your favorite character from Doctor Who? How fun!!!

TardisDalek CaanWeeping Angel and 8×10 Dr. WhoCyberman.K9

Doctor Who Characters Lifesize Cardboard Cutout

Doctor WhoDoctor WhoDoctor WhoDoctor WhoRose TylerAmy PondChristopher EcclestonRory Williams AutonCapt. Jack HarknessThe 4th Doctor Tom BakerTHE DOCTORTHE MASTERTHE SILENT (SILENCEPROFESSOR RIVER SONG COWGIRL OUTFITClara Oswin OswaldDONNA NOBLE

Doctor Who Mr Potato Head Toys

An old toy idea made new with Doctor Who. This is a great Doctor Who gift idea for any age.

Dalek Doctor Who Mr. Potato Head Dr WhoDoctor Who Eleventh Doctor Mr. Potato Head

Doctor Who Dalek Fun

Electrical Powered Red Dalek Ride on50 Years Special edition Dr Who DalekDoctor Who Inflatable Dalek NoveltyRemote Control Classic Talking Dalek

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