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Doctor Who in the House: Bigger On The Inside

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Do you have Doctor Who in the House? Did you know that you can find things for your house that are from Doctor Who? Me either.

As popular as Doctor Who is, I am not surprised to start seeing objects that remind me of the show in peoples homes.

It got me thinking that these items would make great gifts for my family that loves Doctor Who. I found kitchen items, and bedroom items and some that would look great anywhere in the house.

My sister and her daughter would just love to have the salt and pepper shakers or the glasses.

I have another friend that loves aprons, so that Doctor Who apron will be the perfect gift idea for her.

My brother would love the Sonic Screwdriver pizza cutter. His son is so crazy about Doctor Who that he dresses like him. A bit much for me, but as long as he is happy, that’s all that matters. You are only a kid once.

I think I would like to have either the Tardis cookie jar or the Tardis tea pot. I like the Tardis for some reason and I am not even a fan of the show.

The Doctor Who mugs are a great gift idea. Everyone I know either drinks coffee or hot tea in the morning. Why not start you day with a smile when you see your coffee cup waiting for you?

Doctor Who in the House

Tardis Waste Bin is Perfect!

Of course there is a lot more here, but I am in love with the waste bin.

The safe is interesting. It is small, but it would hold something precious, like maybe a cell phone. I could see a teenager putting their phone in there if they didn’t want the other siblings grabbing it.

Tardis Waste BasketGet DetailsTardis Projection Alarm ClockGet DetailsTimelord Spinning Tardis LampGet DetailsTardis Safe with 2 keysGet Details

Doctor Who Salt and Pepper Shakers and so much more

With so many different items for the house, it will be hard to pick just one or two. These really will make perfect gifts for that Doctor Who lover on your list.

Tardis vs Dalek Salt & Pepper Shaker SetGet DetailsTardis Salt And Pepper ShakersGet Details

50th Anniversary Shot GlassesGet DetailsTardis Color Changing Shot GlassesGet DetailsDoctor Who Kitchen ApronGet DetailsBlue Police KoozieGet DetailsTardis Travel MugGet DetailsTardis Travel Mug with HandleGet Details

TARDIS and Daleks Themed Mold TrayGet DetailsTARDIS and Daleks Themed Mold TrayGet DetailsSonic Screwdriver Pizza CutterGet DetailsTardis String LightsGet Details

Doctor Who for the Kitchen

Doctor Who in the kitchen is just fun. No matter if you are wearing the apron or making a cake, fun times will be had by all in the kitchen with Doctor Who.

Tardis Edible Cake TopperGet DetailsDoctor Who Edible Cake TopperGet DetailsTardis Talking Cookie JarGet DetailsTardis Cookie JarGet DetailsTardis TeapotGet DetailsTardis MugGet Details

Doctor Who Mugs

The perfect way to start a day or end it is with a Doctor Who mug. Some of these are really cool, especially the color changing ones. The heat makes them change and it is amazing to watch it happen. Which one is your favorite?

Heat Changing Tardis MugGet DetailsVan Gogh’s Exploding TardisGet DetailsDoctor Who Dalek to VictoryGet DetailsDoctor Who Tardis MugGet DetailsBow Ties Are CoolGet DetailsBow Ties Are CoolGet DetailsBigger on the InsideGet DetailsDoctor Who DalekGet DetailsYou Will All Be ExterminatedGet DetailsHeat Sensitive Dalek MugGet DetailsAmy and Doctor Who MugGet DetailsCyberman MugGet DetailsHigh Council Of The Time LordsGet DetailsDoctor Who Giant MugGet Details

Doctor Who Clocks

Keeping time with Doctor Who just seems right. These great clocks can go from the bedroom to the kitchen to the man cave. Where ever you need to keep perfect time, this is the perfect clock to do it. I think the first one is my very favorite. I would put that in my living room. It would bring lots of comments, especially from my non-Doctor Who fans.

Dr Who Tardis ClockGet DetailsDoctor Who Glass Wall ClockGet DetailsDr. Who History of Doctors ClockGet DetailsTardis Alarm Clock with Tardis SoundsGet DetailsTardis Glow in the Dark 12 ClockGet DetailsDaleks Robot ClockGet Details

Doctor Who Coasters

Put Doctor Who in your house with these great coasters. But don’t be surprised if they end up looking at the coaster and forgetting about the glass. Great Doctor Who coasters that will feed any ones need for Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Logo Coaster 8-PkGet DetailsDoctor Who TARDIS Coasters (4-Pack)Get DetailsDoctor Who 50th AnniversaryGet DetailsDalekmania Coasters in Commemorative TinGet DetailsDoctor Who Coaster Set of 4Get DetailsCoaster Wibbly Wobbly Timey WimeyGet DetailsDoctor Who Classic Coaster set of 4Get Details

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