Doctor Who iPad Covers

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Doctor Who iPad Covers
Are you a true Whoivan? Can you not get enough of the Doctor Who Series? Then you need one of these great Doctor Who iPad Covers!

Doctor Who is gaining fans everyday. You can see people making this obvious by little car decals or coffee mugs that declare their love of the show.

No matter model iPad you have, large or small, there is a Doctor Who iPad cover for you.

Doctor Who is really popular today among all age groups. My niece and nephew are completely over the top for Doctor Who. I think my son and his family is too. I don’t really watch it or get it, but these will make great gift ideas for them.

They look great, but they keep your iPad covered and protected from being scratched or if you drop it. I know we never mean to drop our iPads, but it happens to the best of us.

Although it is a show, Doctor Who, that started in the 60’s, it has had a resurgence of popularity in the last few years.

What will be your favorite Doctor Who iPad Cover? Will it be the Tardis? Will it be Doctor Who himself? Will it be a funny Doctor Who cover? I think my favorite is Darth Vader holding the Tardis.

I have found some great cases if you have the original iPad or the iPad mini.


Doctor Who iPad Covers For All Sizes

If you are buying a Doctor Who iPad Covers as a gift, it is important to know the iPad size the person you are buying for has. I have the iPad mini, but my husband has the full size iPad. You can either ask them what size they have or be observant. The regular iPad is close to the size of a piece of notebook paper. Not quite that big, but you get the idea. The iPad mini is about the size of a stenographers notebook. I may be dating myself there, but most people will know what I mean.

The Tardis is one of the most recognize items from the Doctor Who series. My sister and her daughter are so crazy about the show and the Tardis that when they went car shopping, the color they wanted was Tardis blue. See what I mean about people really getting into this show?

The Tardis looks like an old fashioned British Police Call Box. But for Doctor Who it is so much more. It is his means of transportation. From what I can remember my sister telling me, he can travel through time in his Tardis. So it has very special meaning to him. When you watch the Doctor Who show you will see that it is bigger on the inside.

Here is a very popular Doctor Who iPad Cover.
Doctor Who iPad Covers

This iPad cover was designed specifically for Apple iPad 2/3/4. The openings for the buttons, ports, and camera are very precise and easy to get to. This cover also has flip capability to transform the case into a viewing stand, which I really like for my iPad cover. With the soft lining on the inside, it will not just keep your iPad protected from falls, but from scratches too.

Doctor Who iPad Covers – Gen 1-4

My husband has to have the original size iPad. He uses it everyday for work instead of a computer. So these are perfect for him. Doctor Who is so popular, everyone will recognize and know immediately that he is a Doctor Who fan.

Doctor Who Tardis Starry NightDoctor Who TardisTardis from InsideDoctor Who Tardis Van GoghDoctor Who Police BoxPolice Box

Doctor Who iPad Covers – Mini

In our family we have both the big iPads, the original size, and the mini. With so many Doctor Who fans in our family, it is hard to find the right one for each person. But they give us some great choices.

Tardis Blue Police Call BoxTardis from InsideDoctor Who TardisDoctor WhoTardis from insideDr. Who BowtieDoctor Who Tardis Call BoxDoctor WhoTardis Doctor Who Police BoxDoctor WhoDoctor Who Tardis Police BoxDoctor Who Exploding TardisDoctor WhoDoctor Who Tardis Police BoxDOCTOR WHODoctor Who TardisDoctor Who TARDIS with WingsDoctor Who

Whether you have a mini or the original size, you will find something you love in a Doctor Who iPad cover. I am really fond of the funny ones. I like the mini iPad covers with Alice in Wonderland and Darth Vadar. Some serious Doctor Who fans may not appreciate them, but they make me happy.


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