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Easy Leaf Hauler

Easy Leaf Hauler

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fall leaves
We live in the country with lots of trees. As hard as we try, we never get all the leaves raked up each fall.

But if I want a nice lawn next year, I have to rake and dispose of the leaves. I try to bribe my grand sons, but they just laugh at me. Am I the only one that cares?

Here is a little trick that may make it a bit easier. Picking up the leaves is the hardest part….well, after you jump in the pile you rake first. Playing in the fall leaves

This easy leaf hauler will make your job easy since you rake them into the hauler and then pull the leaf hauler where the leaves will be disposed of. I bet I could even get the grand sons to help me if I had this. Of course, they will want to play with it for a bit and drag it around the farm. Oh well, that is the price I pay for free help.

When you are all done with the leaves this fall, this handy dandy tool folds up so it is easy to store till you need it again next year.

The EZ Leaf Hauler

Set it up where you need it.Check PriceRake the leaves in to it.Check PricePull it to your dump site.Check PriceFolds up for easy storage.Check Price

There are several variations of this idea. This one features 3 sturdy sides with ground stakes that hold it down. It has 6 built-in handles. It holds 5 times more than a wheelbarrow, which means no lifting. It is very sturdy with 12-to 24-inch sides. It covers a 35-square-feet of surface area which will save you time and energy. When you are done, simply fold it up for compact storage.

This would be a great gift for a yard enthusiast. One of those toys that few have, but all want. Put it on your list today!

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