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Eco Friendly Watches

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Eco Friendly Watch
Buy Eco Friendly Watches and they will plant a tree for you. They are trying to help save the planet one tree at a time and one Eco friendly watch at a time. The watches look great and are planet friendly!

Do I really consider myself “Eco Friendly”? I try more than ever to save energy and help save my planet. I try to recycle and not throw away so much. We burn any paper trash and since we live in the country, I can put the garbage scrapes over the fence for the little animals that live in the woods.

I am always on the look out for something will save my world. Although I do try to be balanced about it. I can’t save the planet in my short life span, but I can help.

I found a surprise line of beautiful Eco watches that are made of wood. Yes, you heard me…wood.

Remember when we would take our broken watches to the watch maker to be fixed? That rarely happens in today’s world and I think it is a shame. Why are we such a throw-away society? We need to get back to a society that actually takes care of things are fixes them instead of throwing them away and buying new.

You can check these wood watches out at There are some great designs. I would wear these for everyday. When you put them with other bracelets they look amazing.

But wood? Really??? Well wood is something that is good for us….right? I know some of us are allergic to trees, but usually that’s the leaves or pollen that comes off of the trees. These watches are hypoallergenic, but then hypoallergenic does not mean anti-allergy. Allergies in fact, are unique for each body and can occur from any type of product. Good thing they have a good return policy.

What I really like about this company is that they plant a tree for every watch they sell. They are giving back every day to our planet. You gotta love that! Since 2011, the company has planted over 300,000 trees. They are planting them all over the world. Here is a map if you want to check the places they have planted so far.

Men’s Eco Friendly Watches

Eco-Friendly Watches
The mens watches are pretty big, but I like them. Especially when you put them together with a leather band, they look really cool. They can be worn as dress watches or everyday watches. They are very cool watches and will be a conversation piece.

There are so many different styles and types of wood. Each type of wood has its own color, texture and designs within the wood. Of course since they are using wood to make these watches, no two are alike.

Women’s Eco Friendly Watches

Eco-Friendly Watches
There are so many sizes to choose from with WeWood Watches, that it will be hard to decide. Chunky watches are in vogue and you will find many of those here. But there are medium to small sizes as well. I just love all the different woods they have used to create so many pretty watches.

Match these with a bangle bracelet or a leather one and it will be a fashion statement. No one else on your block will have one. It will be a one of a kind piece of jewelry in your circle of friends.

We-Wood Watches

The watches are created one size fits all, but you can adjust them. The band is just over 8 inches long and can be adjusted down to 6 3/4 inches short by removing links. If you need an extra large band, you can purchase extra links at $5 per link. There is a video in the FAQ addressing how to do this.

I know that you probably have lots of questions. I did too. Here is a link to the WeWood web site and their FAQ FAQ page that will help. They also have videos on how to change the links if the watch is too big or how to change the battery, things like that. It was very helpful to me.

I think these WeWood time pieces are so pretty and I know they would make a great gift for someone special. This is not a gift that someone will get and then put in a drawer to never be seen again. They will wear it with pride and tell all their friends how eco friendly their watch is and what a great gift they got from a very special person.

Share the love please!

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