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Family Picture Ideas: Print Family Pictures On Glass To Last

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I love family pictures! I display them on my walls and keep adding to them year after year. Especially with the grand-babies coming now, my walls are getting covered in family pictures.

I found when the new cell phones came out with great cameras , I rarely took the time to have any printed off. But I missed hanging family photos in my home. So I decided I needed to do something about that before all my family pictures got lost in my sea of data.

I wanted to find a way that made it easy to transfer photos from my phone or even Instagram to hang in my home. But then I also ran into another problem, framing them. It seems to take me ages to buy the right size and then actually get them hung.

Print Family Pictures Directly On Glass

I think I found a great solution for that problem. I discovered a company called Fracture. You can check them out at They will print my pictures that I upload for them on glass. Yes, you heard me right…glass. Instead of separating the picture, frame, and mount, a Fracture combines all three into a beautiful, lasting, final product.

How much easier can that get?

Family Picture Ideas8

Here is the process – upload your family photo, place your order, and in a few days you’ll receive your Fracture picture in a custom, environmentally-friendly packaging, ready to be mounted on your wall. They even include the screw.

How Long Will My Fractured Family Picture Last?

Now if you are like me you are wondering how long will the picture last. Here is their guarantee – “We make every Fracture by hand, in Gainesville, FL. We check every image for quality, and send them to you in our safe, environmentally-friendly packaging. Every Fracture comes with a Happiness Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.” The company says the fractures will last for a very long time if kept indoors and not exposed to extreme humidity or poor handling.

Usually they say that they will print your picture and ship it in less than 4 days. I find that to be really fast. I am sure that leading up to the holidays that print schedule will change. You can look in their FAQ section under Ordering Questions and it will tell you where they are that week with their print and ship schedule.

They will give you 60 days to be sure you are happy with it. That is a very generous amount of time. Then they guarantee the Fracture for life. That is a good warranty in my book.

Cost of shipping could be expensive because glass is heavy, but I found out that they have free shipping on orders of $100 or more. They also offer international shipping and the prices for that usually start around $20 USD.

Is It Expensive To Print My Pictures On Glass?

But…is it expensive? Check out their prices here. I think you will be surprised. Prices start as low as $15. That is a great price for a picture that is ready to hang right out of the box.

It really will depend on the size of the picture. A small square 5″x5″ will be around $15 and it goes up to 15″x15′ square photo for around $115. They print them in portraits, landscape and square, and they all have their own prices.

Can I Have Old Family Pictures Printed This Way?

Family Picture Ideas4

Now that I have you thinking…think about a series of pictures. Maybe some historic pictures of your family.

Really show off the old family pictures in an amazing way. I love to walk into peoples homes and see their history hanging on their walls. They are a great conversation starter.

I can think of some family pictures my grandmother had in a shoe box under her bed. I need to ask my mom where those pictures are. What a great historic family picture wall those would create. My grand-children will enjoy seeing them as much as I will. I need to put that on my To-Do list.

Choose From A Great Gallery Of Fractures For Your Home

But Fracture also has a gallery of photos and art work that you can choose from to hang in your home. Art does amazing things for the decor in a room. If I have a piece of art that I really like, I will plan an entire room around it.

Family Picture Ideas6

Some of the pieces, as you can tell, are very modern. But many are not. They are pieces we have grown up seeing and loving. Here is a link to their gallery. Check it out!
Family Picture Ideas9

Of course, the word “Fracture” will not be at the bottom of pictures you buy. This is to give you an idea of the great art work you can get from them.

Think of the great gift ideas this could be. No more worrying about what kind of frame will fit into their homes or if they will like it. What is not to like about a picture printed on glass that last forever? Wedding gifts are now easier. Baby shower gifts will be a cinch. Gift certificates are available also.

The options are endless when you think about creating great family picture ideas around the house. Each room can now be used as a huge canvas for all your loved ones, your trips and adventures in life.

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