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Family Play Time Indoors

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There are times when it is either too cold or too hot to play outside in Missouri.

So the smart thing is to be ready with great indoor play ideas for all different ages. I came up with some really great ideas that even I am excited about. I know the boys will be as well.

We have often heard that old saying “The family that plays together, stays together.” Do you think there is any truth in that? I do.

I have always been a firm believer that families, no matter how old the kids get, still need to spend quality time together having fun. My kids are grown with families of their own, but when I talk to them about their childhood, they have nothing but praise for that time in their life. They even told me one time that all their friend and them voted to see who had the best parents, and our family won. That really meant a lot to me. I am a normal mother, with all the insecurities. But that helped me realize that I was doing ok.

The moral of the story is…play with your kids, even if they don’t want to play with you. So here are some great ideas of play time with your kids indoors.

HearthSong Golf Pool Indoor Game

HearthSong Simtec PowerBand Air Hockey Tabletop Game
This hockey table is quieter and more compact than the others. The innovative PowerBand system creates high-speed action without batteries or electricity. The space-saving design easily converts from a 34″ x 49″ playing area to 34″-square for smaller spaces and shorter arm reach. It is lightweight and portable; comes apart for easy storage. The uniquely designed for play on both carpet and hard surfaces with a smooth plastic side to glide on carpet, and a soft protective side for hard floors or tabletops. Set includes 2 carpet pucks, 2 surface protector pads, and 2 quick-flip goalie mallets.

HearthSong Electronic Soccer Challenge Indoor Games
Hang our soccer practice game on a wall and play with the kids. This electronic scoring mat keeps a running tally of points earned so you can keep playing and concentrating on the game. Every score is cheered with applause and music; a miss earns the dreaded buzzer. Awwww!

HearthSong Marble Aim Carpet Runner Kids Room Decor
This instant marble “court” includes lots of circles so you can play many different marble games indoors or out. The set includes 36 marbles and 4 shooters. You can roll it up or leave it out. It is a washable nylon carpet that makes a bright, upbeat addition to room décor.

HearthSong Reversible Roadway Play Mat
Designed to encourage open-ended play, our double-sided Play Mat features engaging art from both the bustling city and the idyllic country. There’s a lot to see and do no matter which side kids choose! The colorful mat is water-resistant and nontoxic, and wipes clean.

HearthSong Domino Race Set
With updated colors, added patterns, increased the number of pieces, and added a few new cool challenges, this is one of our best sellers. It works basically like any other dominoes, but better. Arrange the dominoes in a serpentine pattern, up and down steps, over and under bridges and end with a bang. Tip the first domino (or run a marble down the ramp) to start a chain reaction (the domino effect) that brings the whole array down in seconds!

The Domino Race Set includes 255 pieces. The Add-On Set (24 pieces) brings more action to the race with a pyramid step set, tunnel set, ramp, and a ball.

Giant Floor Piano Play Mat with Speaker Plugin
Get the family up on their feet to make some music! This super-sized touch-sensitive keyboard floor playmat has four play modes, an automatic power off system, adjustable volume, and eight musical instrument sounds with 10 melodies. Includes built-in speaker plug-in for play-along with portable CD/mp3 player. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
Giant Floor Piano Play Mat with Speaker Plug-in

HearthSong Vortex Glow-in-the-Dark Marble Run
The whole family will get involved assembling this exciting twist on the traditional marble run. The action-packed marble maze features an automatic marble launcher and cool sound effects, plus glow-in-the-dark tracks. The finished structure is more than two feet tall! Includes over 375 pieces, 3-D connectors, and a wild variety of channels.

HearthSong Hape Bamboo Pallina Game
Have a family game night with this two to four players. To play this Pallina game, you choose a color and try to remove all the sticks of that color. The intention is to make all the opponents’ balls drop without dropping any of your own. This complete set comes with a bamboo basket, 20 bamboo sticks and 16 balls. It also includes a bag to hold all the balls and a purple felt mat to place under the game. This prevents the balls from nicking the table or other game area. For 2-4 players.

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