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Family Play Time Outdoors

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We never get too old to run around with our kids playing outdoors. There is so much to do and so little time to do it in. Play with your kids as much as possible. Playing outdoors doesn’t always mean kicking the ball or hitting the ball. It could be as easy as camping or just doing something a bit slower. Here are some ideas for great outdoor fun with your kids.

HearthSong 12′ Family-Sized Cotton Canvas Teepee

HearthSong Sunburst Swinging Chair
This looks like so much fun, for kids and adults. It looks extremely comfortable and I love how bright and colorful it is.

HearthSong Best Backyard Darts
Parents will find it hard to resist joining in the fun when kids are having a blast playing backyard darts. These have weighted bottoms to ensure the darts will travel a distance and stay on course. It makes such a difference!

HearthSong Disc Golf Set
Disc golf is popular all over the world and especially with men. So it’s a great way for the whole family because the can just walk outdoors and play Frisbee golf. The object is to complete each “hole” in the fewest number of strokes or throws using flying discs. This game comes with a pole hole (elevated metal basket), scorecard, and set of three different discs approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association to use as three different clubs: driver, midrange, and putter.

HearthSong Fun Ride Super Z 90-Foot-Long Zipline
Kids and adults both love the excitement of flying through the air on a zipline! All you have to do is grab the handles, hang on, and enjoy a really the ride. Attach the cable of the zipline to two trees or other strong supports; kids grab the handles and take off, gliding and soaring through space. Made in USA.

HearthSong 20″ Blue Unicycle
Staying balanced on a unicycle looks impossible at first, but fear not, you will master it. It’s almost like riding a bicycle, and far more interesting! Choose 16″ Red or 20″ Blue; the two different sizes let older and younger kids (or parent and child) get in on the fitness and fun.

HearthSong 4-in-1 Quick-Switch Earth-Sky Zoom Telescope
We all wonder what is out there. Now we can spend time finding out what is beyond our earth. This versatile telescope that switches from Earth to sky and day to night in seconds. Made of sturdy aluminum metal body which extends from 35-1/2″ to 40-1/2″ and offers rack-and-pinion focusing through several eyepieces: 35x, 60x, and 175x for astronomical viewing and a 35x-50x zoom for terrestrial viewing. Also includes an erecting zoom eyepiece that can be used separately as a 12x microscope; a 27″-47″ expansion metal tripod with elevation controller handle; a compass; and a carrying case.

These ideas were just to get you started. For more great ideas click this link.

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