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Fashionable Baby Teething Jewelry For Mom

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Have you ever heard of Fashionable Baby Teething Jewelry For Mom?

Teething is never easy for baby or mom. My grandson is going through that right now and my poor daughter is miserable.

Baby Teething Jewelry For Mom

He picks up everything and wants to chew on it, especially her jewelry. This is not new, my kids did that too and I am sure yours did as well. Mine did it to my jewelry too.

When I saw the jewelry especially made for mothers with teething children, the light bulb went off in my head. This is perfect for Treyson. His mommy still looks fashionable and he is allowed to chew on her jewelry. She won’t be worried about if the paint will come off or if it is bad for him. These Baby Teething Jewelry for mom will give her peace of mind.

Win Win!!!

Baby Teething Jewelry For Mom

Organic Baby Teething Jewelry For Mom

Jellystone Organic Pendant Baby Teething NecklaceClick for DetailsJellystone Organic Pendant Baby Teething NecklaceClick for Details

Colorful Baby Teething Jewelry For Mom

For mom, jewelry is all about coordinating with her outfits and creating a statement. There is no reason you can’t do that and more with these great baby teething Necklaces for Mom. There are so many different colors that I can’t possibly put them all on here. Check them out!

Besides being good looking, they won’t harm your infant. They are non-toxic, latex and lead-free, food-safe, even dishwasher-friendly.

Teething Bling TurquoiseClick for DetailsTeething Bling Pink CamouflageClick for DetailsTeething Bling Black PendantClick for DetailsTeething Bling Zebra PendantClick for Details

Teethease Sweetheart Bangle

Bracelets make the perfect teething babies. When I hold Treyson he is always trying to chew on my bracelets. These bangles come in cool shapes that may be entertaining to your young one. Some babies like chewing on the edges of things, this is the perfect solution for that. These are made of a soft, flexible medical grade silicone, so they will be gentle on the babies gums. Of course, there is none of the bad stuff in there either…these baby teething bracelets are perfectly safe and dishwasher safe.

Blue BangleClick for DetailsBlack BangleClick for Details

Chewbeads Charles Bangle

I like these teething bracelets for babies because they are made of material like pacifiers and nipples. There is no reason ever to think that you can’t accessorize outfits just because you have a teething baby. These come in great colors too. These are made of 100% silicone, with none of the bad stuff. Safe and fashionable…does it get any better than that?

Cherry RedClick for DetailsTurquoiseClick for DetailsBlackClick for DetailsWhiteClick for Details

Chewbeads Skinny Charles Bangle

Same teething bracelets for babies as above, just skinny. Sometimes I like to put the chunky bracelets with the small ones, so these are perfect to pair together.

CreamsicleClick for DetailsCherry RedClick for DetailsCobaltClick for DetailsIvory, Black, CharcoalClick for Details

Chewbeads “Jane” Baby Teething Necklace for Mom

I am not usually one that thinks that beads and babies mix, but this baby teething necklace for mom has changed my mind. First of all, there is a quick release, just in case they pull too hard. Each bead is tied in between each other, so if by chance one did get loose, you aren’t going to lose the rest. These are made out of the same material that pacifiers and nipples are made of, so it is highly likely that your child will like them. They come in so many colors, I didn’t post them all here, you will have to go find your favorite.

BlackClick for DetailsCherry RedClick for DetailsChocolate BrownClick for DetailsDeep Sea BlueClick for DetailsSimply WhiteClick for DetailsSpiced WineClick for Details

Natural Wood Teething Pendant

Alder wood is used safely every day in our in food industry and in medicine. It is extensively used for throat, gum and tooth problems. It has a very pleasant taste, so it will encourage your baby to use it as a teething ring. These are adorable pendants that anyone would wear. I like the idea that it is a natural wood product that may be good for them.

So a baby teething necklace for mom made out of Alder wood is perfect!  It’s smooth, with no sharp edges, and of course, chemical free, BPA free, no oil, no wax.

Heart Teething PendantClick for DetailsStarfish Teething PendantClick for DetailsTiny Bird Teething PendantClick for DetailsWood Teething PendantClick for Details

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