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My Favorite Despicable Me iPhone Covers

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dispicable me poster
Despicable me is a cartoon, but that did not stop millions of adults from falling in love with this hilarious movie….both of them. I loved them so much that I had to have a cover for my iphone featuring the characters from the movie. Do you feel the same? Then you are going to love what I found!

In case you have not seen these movies, below is a link to both of them. They are great entertainment for the entire family. I am going to buy both of them just so I can watch them.

This movie introduces us to the “World’s Greatest Villain” named Gru. Well he used to be the greatest, now he is getting old and a young villain is trying to steal his glory. He enlists the help of 3 little girls and his hundreds of minions to pull off hilarious crimes of the century to win the title back. It is funny and very loveable at the same time. You are going to love it!

Despicable Me (Single-Disc Edition) (2010)Check PriceDespicable Me 2 (2013)Check Price

The Despicable Me iPhone covers that I really like can come in both the Apple iPhone 4 and 5. These are so much fun and are so inexpensive that you can change them up every day or every week or every month. Go with your mood. I love the Minions the best, I think most people do. Just in case you don’t know what a minion is, they are Gru’s helpers. Maybe you should just watch the movie. There are hundreds of minions. Usually I can’t understand a word they say, but sometimes they make it so I can. They are funny and sweet and so adorable that it is easy to see why they are my favorite from the movie.


Goggle Head 2Check PriceHanging OnCheck PriceGoggle HeadCheck PriceRed BelloCheck PriceMinion MathCheck PriceMinion PoweredCheck PriceWatchCheck PriceMinion Beach SurfCheck PriceCelebrateCheck Price

Adorable Agnes
Agnes is one of the little girls that Gru adopted to help him pull off his big plan. I believe she is the youngest. What Gru doesn’t realize when he adopts these girls is that they were going to wrap him around their little fingers. Agnes is really good at that. Check out the video below of her best moments in the movies.

Sweet AgnesCheck PriceAgnes and the dogCheck PriceIt’s So FluffyCheck Price

Best Of Agnes – From Despicable Me

The Gangs All Here!
There aren’t many iPhone cases with Gru and the girls or Gru and the minions on them. So if you like them together, you better grab these while you can.

Gru LoveCheck PriceGru’s MinionsCheck PriceLeaningCheck PriceKarate KickCheck Price

Gru Sets Some Ground Rules

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