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Fun Key Holders

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Couple Human Key Holders (set of 2)

Key Holders are essential in our home. My husband has the habit of putting keys down in the oddest places. The problem comes when we need them. He doesn’t just do this with his keys, but mine too.

There are great solutions to this problem on the market. But fun key holders are a bit harder to find. I really like these and am still deciding which one to get for my hubby.

I think the couple one pictured here is adorable. One for me and one for him. Since they are male and female it makes it really easy to figure out which keys are mine. Now maybe he won’t take mine by mistake. They measure 3×4.5, so a good size to hang in the front hall. Each key holder has an individual key that you put on your key ring. Only that key will fit in the right key holder.

What a unique house-warming gift this would be. I love it! If you like them too, click here for more information.
Couple Human Key Holders (set of 2)

These Fun Key Holders have strong magnets that hold up to 30 keys. Who carries that many keys at one time???

 Key Pete Strong Magnetic Key Holder Hook Keys Magnet – GreenFind Details Key Pete Magnetic Key Holder – BlueFind Details Key Petite – Key Pete Girl Strong Magnetic Key Holder Hook Rack Magnet – PinkFind Details Key Petite – Key Pete Girl Strong Magnetic Key Holder Hook Rack Magnet – WhiteFind Details

Color Coded Dog Tail Hooks
 Ikea Set 6 Dog Tail HooksFind Details

These great hooks can be used for keys. Choose different colors for everyone’s keys so they are easy to identify.

These hooks are sturdy enough to use for the kids coats or their backpacks.

The dogs leashes would look great on these too. Keep each dogs leashes organized and easy to identify.

What other great ideas can you think of for these colorful hooks?


What a great idea to hold car keys safely…seat belts.
 Buckle Up Seat Belt Safety Seatbelt Key Holder Rack HookFind Details

A wall mounted seat belt that will hold our keys securely.

The end that you put on your key ring will make that easy to identify as well.

When I go to the gym, I throw my keys into a basket at the front desk. Some days it is hard to find my keys in the basket when I go home. I think this would make it much easier.


Cast Iron Rake Key Holder
 Cast Iron Rake – Coat, Jewelry and Keys HolderFind Details

Rustic Cast Iron Rake makes an awesome key holder.

If you are into rustic things, this is perfect for you.

Measures 11x4x4 and will hold up to 6 pairs of keys.

It is strong enough to hold coats, backpacks or the dogs leash.


You could make this one yourself. Just find an old rake and modify it into a hook. Here is a picture of one I found online.imagesCASZXUPD

Here is another great “make it yourself” idea for keys. Just choose a wooden picture frame that you like, and it doesn’t have to be new. They put a few cup hooks on the top wood frame piece and you have a very cool and individual key holder.

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