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Fuzzy Animal Slippers for Adults

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Fuzzy Animal Slippers for Adults
Fuzzy animal slippers have been around for ages. Someone thought it would be funny to make our necessary shoes funny.

We loved them as kids, so what is so wrong with loving them as adults? Not a thing! They are warm and funny all at the same time. We can be like Peter Pan and never grow up when it comes to our fuzzy slippers.

Fuzzy Frog Slippers for Adults
With so many to choose from, you can find your favorite animal or just something that makes you smile.

These are all for adults, but you can probably find some matching kids slippers as well.

So what is your favorite? Is it a dog or cat? Monkey or elephant? Those are here, but so much more. There is a great selection of monster feet. How fun is that???

I am sure you will find what you are looking for right here.

Fuzzy Animal Slippers for Adults

Fuzzy Friends Slippers

Fuzzy is not just cute to look at, they are warm. Warmth is what its all about for me. I want the to look good, but to keep my feet warm. I live in a cold house. This is perfect for me. They keep me warm and they are cute. Although, the UPS guy always looks at me a bit strangely.

Fuzzy Friends Women’s Frog SlipperFuzzy Friends Women’s Koala SlipperFuzzy Friends Women’s Cat SlipperFuzzy Friends Women’s Lady Bug SlipperFuzzy Friends Women’s Pig SlipperFuzzy Friends Women’s Bumble Bee SlipperFuzzy Friends Women’s Cow SlipperAromahome Fuzzy Feet SlippersFuzzy Friends Women’s Tiger SlipperFuzzy Friends Women’s Poodle Slipper


Frog Slippers

I love frogs and I think that a lot of other people do too. It was one of the top slippers searched for on Google this year. They are cute, cuddly and harmless…maybe that is why we like them so much.

Fuzzy Friends Women’s Frog SlipperAdult Green Frog Fuzzy SlippersFrog slippersHappy Feet – Frog – Animal SlippersFun For Feet Slippers Socks Green FrogsFrog Slippers for Women and Men


Monster Fuzzy Slippers

Don’t let kids have all the fun. Grab some Monster Fuzzy Slippers and enjoy the cold winter months. It’s not surprising that monster slippers were one of the most searched for slippers. I guess we like fuzzy and we like to scare people. Oh well, it doesn’t matter, as long as we are happy and warm.

Rich Frog Terrible Two Shoes – Monster FeetGreen Dinosaur Claw SlippersFuzzy Black Bear Paw SlippersMonster FeetAnimal Paw SlippersWarm Winter Monster SlipperNew! Plants Vs ZombiesTerror Zombie Plush SlippersFurry Monster AdventurePlants Vs Zombies Slippers


Funny Monkey Slippers

Monkey slippers are so funny. I would probably choose the boot type for me. Keep me warm and also be funny. I would imagine the grandsons will want a pair soon enough.

Mini MonkeyWishpets Brown Monkey Animal SlippersFun For Feet Slipper Socks- MonkeyComfy Feet Monkey SlippersSock Monkey SlipperCute Fuzzy Brown Monkey


Fuzzy Elephant Slippers

My sister was the one as a kid that loved elephants. She collected them. As an adult, she still loves them. She will love one of these, if I could only decide which one to buy her.

Elephant SlippersElephant SlippersElephant SlippersElephant SlippersElephant SlippersElephant SlippersElephant SlippersElephant Slippers



Super Hero Fuzzy Slippers

Guys love Super Hero’s. These are perfect. They are manly looking and yet still keep their tootsies warm. Which Super Hero will your hubby like? I think mine will like Batman.

Marvel Comics THE PUNISHER Men’s PlushSuperman SlippersBatman Slippers for MenSpiderman Slippers


Fuzzy Bunny Slippers

Bunny slippers have probably been around the longest. I am sure it started with kids slippers, but the adults decided somewhere along the line that they wanted cute fuzzy bunny slippers too. Well here they are!

Mens Rabbit with Big Pty Teeth SlippersA Christmas Story Deluxe Bunny SlippersBunny Slippers for WomenIntelex Cozy Heads Adult Bunny SlippersHallmark Maxine Warm Flash SlippersPINK BUNNY ANIMAL SLIPPERSComfy Feet Bunny Animal Feet SlippersPink Bunny Crazy Slippers, Size L


Fun Fuzzy Slippers

Here is an assortment of great fuzzy slippers that any adult, male or female would love to have this winter. I have also seen matching pj’s for some of these. Themed night wear. I love it!

Lion Animal Feet SlippersGray Wolf Animal Feet SlippersGray Puppy Animal Feet SlippersFlamingo Animal Feet SlippersKoala – Animal SlippersTurtle Animal SlippersBlack Bear Animal Feet SlippersHorse Animal Feet SlippersBulldog Animal Feet SlippersPlatypus Animal Feet SlippersSkunk Animal Feet SlippersArmadillo Animal Feet SlippersT-Rex Animal Feet SlippersPenguin Animal Feet Slippers

Movie Characters From Happy Feet and Dreamworks

We have all seen these movies and have our favorites. Now we can have them on our feet keeping us warm and toasting all winter. I love having things in my daily life that make me smile when I see them.

Shrek Donkey SlippersShrek SlippersHow To Train Your Dragon – Toothless SlippersKung Fu Panda – Po SlippersMadagascar – Skipper SlippersMadagascar – King Julien SlippersMadagascar – King Julien SlippersMadagascar – Alex SlippersMadagascar – Marty SlippersHome – Oh Slippers

That is a lot of fuzzy animal slippers. I am sure you can find something that you like or that will be perfect gift for someone you know.

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