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Garden Metal Wind Spinner 2

Garden Metal Wind Spinners

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Would you love to have Garden Metal Wind Spinners in your garden?

Garden Metal Wind Spinners are relaxing and hypnotic. They add so much to your garden besides just being a great piece of art work.

Garden Metal Wind Spinner

These kinetic metal wind spinners are created for the outdoors, so you don’t have to take them in for the winter, unless you just want to protect them. They are made of copper and brass and heavy duty, so they will be fine outside. As you can see, they made these really strong starting with the copper pole. 

Garden Wind Spinners Metal


These are so beautiful and move with the wind, even just a slight breeze will have them moving. Garden Metal Wind Spinners are so peaceful to watch. I am looking forward to finding the perfect place for them in my garden this year. Spring is sure taking it’s time getting here this year.

Garden Metal Wind Spinner

Dual Spinner Dancing Willow Leaves

Beautiful kinetic copper wind sculpture with a theme of Dancing Willow Leaves. The willow leaves blades are positioned so the dual spinners will spin in the opposite directions once the wind catches it.

The entire sculpture including the pole and its fixture are made of pure copper with brass hardware. There is a little bit of  metal, but it is the stainless steel ball bearings that are completely covered by brass hardware. Two ball bearings make the two leaf-mounted wheels move independently and opposite from each other. A third bearing makes the kinetic sculpture swivel 360 degrees in the wind.

The pole is made of heavy gauge copper and secured into the ground by an all copper 4-point anchoring system. With its heavy duty construction of this sculpture it can withstand strong winds up to 70 mph.

The copper leaves are not coated and will age naturally. If you want to preserve its original copper shine, you may spray a layer of clear coat on it. We have had great success with clear coats from local stores.

The craftsmanship on this kinetic garden metal wind spinners is impeccable. The wheels are finely balanced and maintenance free. The sculpture is entirely weather proof and made to last for decades. (Found at

Large Metal Wind Spinners

Dual Spinner Spinning Ficus Leaves

This beautiful garden metal wind spinners is made of pure copper and brass heavy duty construction. It is made to last for a long time. It moves with a slight breeze in your garden.

With this wind spinner being 2 foot in diameter, you might think it takes more than just a slight breeze, but it doesn’t. It stands about 6 feet tall and will look gorgeous among your garden flowers all summer long.

It is extremely detailed and is made with impeccable Craftsmanship. It truly is a work of art made just for your garden. Check out the details to see how to take care of it so it lasts for years. (Found at your trusted

Metal Wind Spinners Garden

Ancient Graffiti Copper/Verdigris Pinwheel Staked Spinner

Become mesmerized by this kinetic metal wind spinners. It moves slowly with the wind and can really get you in the calm zone.  When it spins it creates an optical illusion since it spins both clockwise as well as counterclockwise at the same time. To make this spinner turn better with the wind, gently cup the blades a little more so it will connect with the wind right. Don’t worry, you won’t break it. (Found at

Garden Wind Spinners Metal 2

Angel Wings Garden Wind Spinner

Double metal wind spinners for the garden are such a beautiful addition. It is very sensitive to the breeze, so it doesn’t take much to send it gently spinning. This  kinetic metal wind spinners is so unusual that people will be stopping just to watch if spin. (Found at your trusted

Kenetic Metal Wind Spinners

Dancing Octopus Large Metal Wind Spinners

Wow…this is impressive. Some times the kinetic meta wind spinners move in different directions and sometimes they move in the same direction. It has a mind of it’s own. This large metal wind spinners is 6 foot tall and each spinning unit measures 10″ x 15″.  It’s solid copper, so you know that both the wind and the sun will hit this wind spinner and make it an amazing site. With very smooth movements, you know you have found a work of art. Enjoy it in your garden or yard this year. (Found at

More Beautiful and Fun Garden Wind Spinners

Grab a few Garden Wind Spinners to brighten up any part of your garden or yard. With so many to choose from, there is bound to be something you love.

Twirler Garden Wind SpinnerCrescent Moon Garden Wind SpinnerIlluminarie Butterfly Garden Wind Spinner

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Garden Metal Wind Spinners. Powered by the wind for your enjoyment. Mesmerizing to watch and so pretty

Dual Kinetic Metal Wind Spinners. Great for the garden, then just sit and watch it spin. It's mesmerizing.
Garden Metal Wind Spinners bring calmness and pleasure to any garden. Relax while watching your garden metal wind spinners mesmerize you.
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