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Garden Wind Vanes Designs

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Garden Wind Vanes Designs How do you choose the right Garden Wind Vanes Designs for your home?

It really depends on how you want to use it.

Many people mount their garden wind vane or weathervane on their home roof top to show the wind direction. I usually mount mine on a pole in the garden, on the deck railing or on the garden storage shed. I have even put them inside my  home for decoration. Some of these are so cool looking, why wouldn’t I?

To choose the right wind vane design for you, you must first decide where you want to put it. I chose mine based on memories of ones on my great grandparents home and barns. I loved watching them spin around.

All garden wind vanes can be used in the home, but not all garden wind vanes can be used on the roof top. So look closely at the details report on each one you are interested in to be sure it will hold up on the roof top or in the garden. With rain and snow and winds, your poor garden wind vane may die if it is not made for outdoor use.

Choose a garden wind vane design that shows your personality. If you are very traditional, you will find an assortment of ones that typically wouldn’t have been used on homes centuries ago.

If you are a little bit to the right in your likes, you will find an assortment of fun wind vanes that will tickle your funny bone every time you see your wind vane.

With so many great garden wind vanes designs to choose from, you may decide to put one in all three places; your home, your garden and your roof top.

Garden Wind Vanes Designs

Pig Garden Wind Vane Designs

If you love pigs for find them cute, maybe a Pig Garden Wind Vane or Weathervane may be your choice. When Pigs Fly is a fun one, and as you can see there are several to choose from.

Rooster Garden Wind Vane Designs

Roosters and wind vanes or weathervanes are often seen together. The old movies would have a rooster on the barn wind vane telling everyone that it was time to rise and shine with his cockle-doodle-doo. Those are good memories and maybe roosters is a great choice for you. Rooster weathervanes or wind vanes would be considered traditional weathervanes.

Eagle Wind Vane Designs

Eagles are also considered very traditional in wind vanes. When you see a Eagle weathervane on someones house, it just feels like their are probably older and very traditional. I like it when houses say something about the people living there.

Horse Wind Vane Designs

Today I saw a brand new pony running with it’s mother. It must have been his first run because when he stood still, his legs were still a bit wobbly. These Horse wind vanes would be perfect on their home.

Deer Wind Vane Designs

I love seeing deer in the field. We live close enough to the country that we see them often. They are so gentle and calming to me. I have a deer wind vane on the deck. I love it.

Dragon Wind Vane Designs

I have a friend that loves dragons, so this weather vane or wind van is perfect for her. I hope she sees this and gets one for her home. I am sure every time she sees it, it will make her smile.

Boat Wind Vane Designs

I think I see the most of boat wind vanes on peoples home. Those that live in the Midwest like me and are landlocked, we long for the open sea. This would be a good reminder that someday soon we will make it.

Farm Tractor Wind Vane Designs

These Farm Tractor wind vanes always make me want to laugh. I can just see an old man up there riding along in his tractor just as happy as can be. I think I was born to live on a farm. That didn’t happen.

Dog Wind Vane Designs

Now that I have a dog, I truly understand the reason people put so many things in their garden about their dogs. I thought these do wind vanes or weathervanes were so cute. They have so many different breeds represented too.


Cat Wind Vane Designs

Of course, if I did the dog wind vanes, I have to do cat wind vanes. These are cute. I like the one with the kittens best.


Motorcycle Wind Vane Designs

Now that we have 2 motorcycles, I can see this on our garden shed. I think hubby and I would get a kick out of seeing it spin with the wind.

Lighthouse Wind Vane Designs

Lighthouse wind vanes are very traditional. Lighthouses stand for safety. They are always watching out for the boats and ships. Now you can have your very own lighthouse weathervane to watch out for you and your family.

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