Gargler Funny Bird Houses

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gargler bird house

Amazing birdhouses don’t just attract us; they attract birds as well. Decorating your garden with different birdhouses will help make the garden attractive during the winter months when there is not much to look. The Gargler birdhouses can’t help but make you smile when you see them. They are made of clay that has been air dried and then fired to 2000 degrees. They are a durable piece of art that the birds will love and return to year after year.
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Bird Garglers are derived from a combination of colonial American earthenware birdhouses called “bird bottles” and medieval gargoyles.

They provide safe and unique all-season nesting habitats for birds around your home and garden.

Birds easily adopt them for their nesting place anytime of year, particularly during the spring. Once birds have nested, your Bird Gargler will remain home to many generations of birds.


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These whimsical bird houses are made especially for the birds around your home. They attract birds to your garden and you get to enjoy watching them nest in the handmade terracotta Bird Garglers throughout the year.

Imagine the pleasure of watching birds sitting in your “beast’s” mouth or perched on it’s nose or tongue.

Each Bird Gargler bird house is made with the birds in mind just as much as the bird enthusiast with a sense of humor.


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All the Bird Houses are individually handmade and will vary slightly.

They are made of quality red earthenware clay. Then each completed bird house is allowed to air dry and then fired to 2000°F.

After cooling, a glaze and colors are applied and then the bird houses are fired again to 2200°F.

The completed Bird GarglersTM are quite durable and can remain installed outside throughout the year to provide all-season protection for the birds.


BEAR WU7 Gargler Bird House Nest by Douglas FeyBuy Now


Each Bird Gargler measures approximately 9″-12″ from mouth to the back and about 8″-9″ across.

Dimensions will vary according to the particular style of bird house.


BEAR WU7 Gargler Bird House Nest by Douglas FeyBuy Now


Choose a location for your Bird Gargler beneath the eaves of your home, garage, potting shed, or on a deck structure, garden arbor, even inside your home for display.

Installation is quick and easy, requiring only a wide headed nail (roofing nail) or a screw.

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