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Bird Lover Gift Ideas
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Bird Lover Gift Ideas are great for people on your list that love birds.

I love to watch the birds in the winter. It was something that my grandfather and I liked to do together. He was an avid bird watcher and could tell me their names and all about them.

Bird Lover Gift IdeasI miss him, but I feel I am keeping a part of him alive in me by being a bird lover too.

I buy bird seed every year and feed them where I can see them. I get excited when I see the Blue Birds.

My grandfather told me those are rare in Missouri.

Of course, it just brings back great memories of sitting quietly with him and watching the birds.

Once you start putting bird feed out in the winter, please continue doing it during the entire winter. The birds will quickly come to rely on your for their food. It is hard for them to find food in the winter. Please be kind….don’t forget them.

Buy Great Bird Lover Gift Ideas

Cedar Wood Bird Feeders for Bird Lovers

I happen to really like the look of cedar for bird houses. I think it really just reminds me of my grandfather.

Deluxe Cedar Bird Feeder with Suet CagesThe Lodge Cedar Feeder, 8 lb capacityPagoda Bird Feeder 5-Level, CedarWood Bird Feeder Pull-out Mesh TrayCedar Bird Feeder Pole MountUpside-down Suet FeederWoodlink Cedar Fly-Thru Bird Feeder, CedarBird FeederCoppertop Wood Gazebo Bird FeederStovall 6F Pavilion Feeder with Seed Hopper

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Gifts For Bird Lovers

Squirrels are the biggest hassle that bird lovers fight against. But they have invented squirrel resistant bird feeders. It is really funny to see the different ways squirrels try to get into these bird feeders. Any bird lover would enjoy watching their antics.

Squirrel Stumper Wild Bird FeederBest Squirrel Proof Bird FeederSquirrel-Be-Gone III Wild Bird FeederFortress Breakaway Squirrel Proof Bird FeederHeavy Duty Squirrel Proof Seed Bird FeederBirdscapes 350 Squirrel-Be-Gone Wild Bird FeederEsschert Design FB207 Squirrel Proof FeederAudubon Snack Shack Squirrel-ResistantWoodstream Red Squirrel Proof FeederBird Shelter Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Window Bird Feeders Are Perfect For Bird Lovers

I love to watch the birds. Up close is even better. When you put one of these window bird feeders on the outside of your windows, you will be amazed how many different birds come to feed. It is best to put this on a window that is tinted so they can’t see you moving around in the house and scaring them away.

This is a great idea for homes with children! They attach to the outside of your window with suction cups. Once it is installed just fill it with bird feed and wait for the birds to find it. It usually doesn’t take too long.

Large Window Bird FeederBirdscapes Clear Window Feeder 348AWARD WINNING Window Bird FeederUnique Window Bird Feeder

Bird Loves Love Fancy Bird Feeders

When you are a bird lover, just one bird feeder isn’t enough. You will have them hanging all over the place. Some of these are so pretty that they might hang them near the kitchen window or outside the bedroom window. Some place special where they can see them all the time.

No/No Solar Lighthouse Finch Bird FeederNo/No Solar Lighthouse Finch Bird FeederH Potter Steel Umbrella Bird Feeder 537H Potter San Simeon Bird FeederCountry House with WeathervaneIron Rain Girl Bird Feeder with KittenMosaic Glass BirdfeederNature’s Garden Bluebird Birdfeeder

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