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Gorilla Torch Flare

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Gorilla Torch Flare with Flexible Wrapable Legs, Red Joby

I need several of these great gorilla torch flares!

I can’t count the number of times that I needed a light and an extra hand to hold it. Now you don’t have to grow an extra arm, just wrap the flexible wrap-able legs around something nearby or use the powerful magnets at the end of the feet.

This can be a mini-tripod with a power light on the end. The magnets are strong enough to hang it upside down and it will cling to a steel surface, or even sideways on a vertical surface.

It uses 3 AA batteries which are easy to find in the stores. I keep them on hand because we use them in so many products around the house.

The light has 3 variations, low, high and Strobe, Red and Red Strobe. I will remember the last setting you used it on so all you have to do is hold the button down to turn it Off.

It is a hands-free flashlight that you can set up to illuminate exactly what you need light on. You never know when you will need it or where. Now you don’t have to worry about that. You have your Gorilla Torch Flare and it is ready to work with you on any project that you need light.

I think this is going on my husbands list. He always needs an extra light in his business.


Stands upPerfect for engine repairRed emergency lights

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