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Harley Davidson Kids Toys

Best Harley Davidson Toys

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Best Harley Davidson ToysI am the Harley Davidson fan in our home.

My husband has a motorcycle, but it is a BMW. Not there is anything wrong with them, but there is just something about a Harley that I love.

UPDATE: We just bought our first Harley Davidson motorcycle. It is the 2003 Anniversary edition. He really likes it!…and it’s pretty.

It seems that other Harley fans are a die hard fan just like me. I introduced my kids to them when they were teens and they fell in love with them too.

But now that I have grand sons, and the youngest just had his first ride on the BMW motorcycle. He loved it! I couldn’t get the helmet off of him after that. He wore it during lunch and watching TV. I got a real kick out of him. Here are some pictures from that day.

Best Harley Davidson Toys
I think he would enjoy some Harley Davidson toys after his first ride with Papa Marvin. Maybe when he gets a bit older he can get a ride with Papa Marvin, and this time on his own Harley Davidson.

Until then, the grandsons will have to be happy with one of these Harley Davidson Ride on Toys.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Best Harley Davidson Toys

Power Wheels Harley-Davidson Rocker

Best Harley Davidson Toys

This power rocker has a 6 volt battery that will take off and have your kids feeling just like they are really on the wide open road.

It has a wide and stable wheel base with foot pedal operation for easy stop and go. There will be no easy turn over for your kids with this trike.

It will ride just as easy on hard surfaces as soft. Take it off road and keep on going.

It will go up to 2.5 mph and will go in reverse.

It comes with the battery and a charger.

This is perfect for a child 18 months and up to 4 years.

For kids a little bigger, there are some great electric ride on Harley Davidson bikes that look like the real thing.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Harley-Davidson Rocker Ride-On

This is perfect for a family with more than one child. One can drive and the other can sit back and relax in the side carriage.

Harley Davidson Style 12V Kids Ride-On Motorcycle Car with Carriage

Best Harley Davidson Toys
This Harley Davidson Ride On Toy has everything that you have on your Harley, but more.

It is perfect for riding on hard surfaces, it has a 12V Battery with 2 Motors, one speed forward and reverse. The maximum speed is 4 Mph.

The carriage side car has a seat belt for extra safety.

The headlights and tail lights look realistic and they change colors. There is color LED lights on the wheels with Rubber Traction Bands.

It has a horn that plays music. They can also listen to their favorite cruising music on the MP3 that will connect to an iPod, iPad, iPhone or Android Phones.

It takes about 8 to 10 hours to charge the battery and the battery will last up to 1.5 hours of riding.

This is designed for children 3 to 6 years old and they will need adult supervision.

Harley Davidson Style 12V Kids Ride-On Motorcycle Car with Carriage MP3 Battery Powered LED Wheels | White

Harley Davidson Toys

Here are a few more ideas for the Best Harley Davidson Toys. Kids love to act and dress up like mom and dad, now they can with their own Harley Davidson bikes and toys.

HARLEY DAVIDSON BARBIE DOLL 4th in Series COLLECTOR EDITION (1999)LIMITED EDITION HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTOR CYCLES BARBIEHarley Davidson Harley Jr.Harley Davidson Spirit Jr.Kids Preferred HD Plush Toy KickstandHarley Davidson Night Rider PJ BearHarley Davidson PuppyHarley-Davidson HogLeather Vest W/ 14 Patches-XLHarley-Davidson Infant Leather SetHarley Davidson Pink JacketHarley Davidson Childs HatHarley Davidson Soft BookFlame Bar and Shield Bean Bag TossJigsaw PuzzleWooden Tool Bench

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