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Inflatable Car Rack: Collapsible, Yet Quick and Easy to Install

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In about a month we are headed to Myrtle Beach with another couple for a week of vacation. They have decided to take my Prius because the gas mileage is crazy good.

The guys have decided that they want to bring their golf clubs. If your husband is a golfer, you know how big those bags are. If we take the golf clubs there will be no room for luggage. But the guys are insistent.

We thought about shipping them. We also thought about putting the clubs in the car and sending myself and the other wife on a plane. Good idea, but too expensive. We thought about putting a hitch on the back of my car and pulling a small trailer. Seriously? What is it about guys and golf?

We have been brain storming about it for a few weeks. We know we don’t want to spend a lot of money just to get the clubs down there.

So here is what I came up with. Put the clubs in the car and put the luggage on top. Of course my little Prius does not have a luggage rack, so we had to come up with an idea for temporary racks. Thus the idea of the inflatable car racks is born. As you can see, someone else came up with the idea before me, which is perfect. All I have to do is buy his.

This is suppose to fit any car. I have read several of the reviews and they have put them on all kinds of cars and they are working. Even one review was from someone with a Prius; that makes me feel better. The fact that it is a universal roof rack is really nice if we sell my car or we want to use it on someone else’s car.

This model of the Malone HandiRack inflatable rooftop car rack will hold up to 180 pounds. I don’t think our luggage will weigh more than that. I have weighed my luggage before going on a plane, so I think I am good here.

You inflate this with a hand-pump that comes with it. You can see a picture of it above. There is also a picture of them deflated on the car. Gives you a good idea of what they look like.

It is made of tough 420-denier nylon with 5 D-ring anchor points. That should be enough to tie down all my luggage and whatever the guys throw in there.

This also comes with a travel bag, so when we get to Myrtle Beach we will take them off, fold them up and store them in my car until it is time to head home. I would hate to have to drive around with them on my car the entire time. Tacky!

There is a 1-year warranty on this as well. I like it when they are willing to give you a warranty that is longer than your trip. It makes me believe that they really are standing behind their product.

Here is the other reason I am excited about this product. When I am at a garage sale, never again will I have to say “I have no room for that in my car”. I will just get out my inflatable roof racks and tie it down and drive it home.

This looks like the perfect solution for us. Can you think of any other ways to use inflatable car racks for your car? This might be a great gift idea for a loved one that loves skiing or surfing. They are always looking for ways to take their equipment with them safely.

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  1. Wow ~ now these are inflatable! That’s just so cool. We could really use one of these!

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