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Juice in the Box

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When my grandsons come to visit Grandma B, it would be so easy for me to go to the market and buy all the “junk” food that they want.

But I want them to eat well while they are with me.

Make Your Own Juice in the Box
That includes those little juice boxes. I don’t care if they say its juice, I know there are other ingredients in there that I wouldn’t put in their food or drink.

So I try hard to give them the fun things they want, like the juice box, but with ingredients that I know are good for them. Besides, those juice boxes are so expensive and horrible for the environment.

I found these refillable juice boxes that the boys love. They don’t miss the art work all over the outside. They just see a juice box and go for it. Now I fill it with orange juice that I squeeze for them each morning. Do they appreciate that? No, but it makes me happier to know they are getting good stuff inside their little bodies.

I let them take them outside with them because these little boxes are nearly indestructible. They safe, completely chemical free, easy to clean and come in five great colors. Being drip and spill resistant makes Grandma B happy as they run all over my house. They can even turn it upside down and give it a twirl and it won’t leak.

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The boys love these boxes because they can operate them all by themselves.

They just push the button on the side and the top lifts up to reveal the straw.

Then click the top back down to keep it safe.

I have to remember when I am filling it to put the top back on with the lid open. Otherwise it really hard to get on


I let the boys pick their favorite color for the day so I can keep them separate. They think its fun, I am happy to be saving money and helping in a small way to save the planet.

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