Julia Junkin Kitchen Towels

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julia junkin kitchen towels
Julia Junkin creates a whole new idea for kitchen towels. These are more like original art work rather than something you use to dry dishes. Julia is a Napa Valley artist, recognized for her handpainted ceramics, glasses and linens, in a palette inspired by hues of Tuscany. All her kitchen towels are 100 percent cotton and all original designs. Do you have a favorite?

Julia Junkin Queen Lady Kitchen Towel, BlueCheck Price

Queen Lady Kitchen Towel

100% Cotton

“In her kitchen dishes ceased being dirty. Peanut butter is always perfect and an apple pie is always in the oven.”


Julia Junkin Bird Lady Kitchen Towel, Blue/RedCheck Price

Bird Lady Kitchen Towel

100% Cotton

“In her presence flowers blossomed,
bees buzzed,
and the sun seemed brighter than before.”


Julia Junkin Olive Lady Kitchen Towel, BlueCheck Price

Olive Lady Kitchen Towel

“There’s not a garlic clove
that doesn’t love her!
(Bravo, Bravo)
Secret ingredient Olive Oil.
She makes simple
things seem


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