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Kid Friendly Swim Goggles: Frogglez Goggles Don’t Leak

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Kid Friendly Swim Goggles? Is there such a thing? Do your kids love to swim, but hate the swimming goggles you bring home from the big box stores?

There is a reason for that. They are hard to put on, they pull their hair and the goggle part always fills up with water. There is no sense in even trying to wear them if they aren’t going to work or are only going to work for a very short period of time. Why can’t they make these things work?

Kid Friendly Swim Goggles: Frogglez Goggles Don’t Leak
ow you can stop all that with new Frogglez Goggles.

These were designed by a father that was frustrated with regular goggles. He did an awesome job. They are made of soft, stretchy elastic straps similar to a wetsuit material that glides over hair and doesn’t pull it. These are secure leak resistant goggles that won’t be folding over your their ears or sliding down the back of their head.

So swimming with these kid friendly goggles will be fun and not a hassle. They can put them on and swim all day, diving under the water to see cool fish or just retrieving an object that they through in there. Kids love to swim underwater and be able to see what is down there. Now they can with no more foggy lenses or having the goggles fill up with water right away.

They were created with kids in mind, so their colors they come in are bright and cheerful. Kids will love wearing them. They are designed in 2 sizes to eliminate adjustments. The small size fits kids under 4 (18 inches head size or less) and the medium size fits kids ages 3-8 (18 inches plus in head size). You can measure you child’s head size if needed. 18 inches or less fits the SMALL size.

But the best part of all is that they offer 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. How can you lose?

They will fit perfectly into any piece of luggage for a trip to the beach and will be worn practically the entire time you are there.

Just like us, kids get tired of bothering with things that don’t work. They are going to love these Frogglez Goggles. The rest of their friends may be fighting with the cheap knock offs, but your kids will not be having any trouble and only fun in their new swim goggles.

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Can you see your kids using their great Frogglez Goggles in the pool or at the beach? They will have a blast and these will last for a long time. They come in additional sizes for when they get a big bigger.

There is no reason not to buy a product that works instead of a cheap product that doesn’t. It makes no sense at all.

Go check out the new Frogglez Goggles that are made especially for kids.

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