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Kid Rain PonchosKid Rain Ponchos are perfect for kids that love to play in the rain.

Kid Rain Ponchos aren’t for the cold weather rain. These are for the August rain when it’s still hot outside, but rainy. These ponchos will keep them some what dry and cool at the same time.

Of course, you can always put a jacket under them since they are ponchos and a bit bigger. This way they can wear them into October and beyond.

My problem is keeping track of the kids rain ponchos from year to year. Either they would lose them or they would wear them out before the rainy season stopped, or I would put them away in the fall and couldn’t find them again in the spring.

Fortunately for us, rain ponchos aren’t that expensive.

The rainy season is coming. That’s ok, we won’t melt. We have our rain ponchos…right?

I ran across some adorable ones for this year, so the grand-kids may just be getting new rain ponchos for the new rainy season.

Adorable Kid Rain Ponchos Choices

Stephen Joseph Rain Ponchos

Stephen Joseph is well known for creating bright, colorful and exciting products for kids. If you have never seen their products before, you really must explore them soon.

They aren’t the old yellow rain ponchos, they are bright colors that look like animals. Frog, tiger, monkey, butterfly, owl and others.

These Stephen Joseph Rain Ponchos are one-size-fits-all for boys and girls. They 34 inches wide x 27 inches long, not including hood. They will stay dry and had fun in these great ponchos.

stephen joseph

FrogTigerMonkeyButterflyOwlFlowerTea OwlPirateShark

Disney Kids Rain Pancho

Disney is well known and well loved by all kids. I can remember as a kid being happy it was Sunday because we got to watch the Walt Disney show on TV. We never knew what would be on that week, but we knew we would love it.

Disney has several kid rain ponchos with Disney characters on them. The fact that these are so inexpensive gives us peace of mind because you know they are going to race outside in these and have a blast. The poncho may not make it out alive.

I had to take a double take on the Darth Vader Kid Rain Ponchos. I didn’t think that show was Disney. But when you click on it, it is a Disney product. Who knew???

Mickey MousePhineas & Ferb Agent PMinnie MouseDisney PrincessFrozen Sisters Elsa AnnaStar Wars Darth Vader

These will be a great gift for my grand-kids. Can you think of someone that loves to play in the rain that would enjoy and benefit from an adorable Kids Rain Pancho?

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